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Summer Break

I am finally down to the last week of my spring quarter, and summer is just six short days away. I still have to pack my whole room away, study for final exams and say goodbye to the HUNDREDS of new besties I’ve made…but for right now, I think I’ll repeat my On Spring Break post, but this time, with Britney gifs.

Me, thinking about all the crafting and other fun activities that we’re going to do over spring break:

Walking out of class on the last day:

Bored, on the bus ride, then airplane ride home:

Gettin’ down at parties:

Just generally having a fun, San Diego summer with my besties, going to Hooters, talking to spirits and having sleepovers:

Six more days!




The Pursuit of Happiness

So here I am, 3AM, sitting in my bed, and blogging from my phone (because my roommate is asleep and I don’t want to wake him with loud tapping on the keyboard). And at this very moment, although my night was somewhat a failure, I can honestly say I am very content with what I do have.

You see, not too long ago I told some of my friends that my goal for the semester was to get insanely drunk and wake up in some strange girl’s bed (hopefully strange in the sense that I don’t know her, not in the sense that she’s just bizarre). Of course I was mostly kidding– there are so many issues that stem from drunken one night stands: STDs, awkwardness, rape, pregnancy scares, etc. Trust me, I know. But there was still a little part of me that did want it. The “hook-up” is arguably the most popular form of relationship on campus (or at least the most public). In fact, hook-ups are almost the defining characteristic of any college’s social scene.

So why wouldn’t I want what was considered normal? I came to college with the expectation that I’d be going to crazy, themed frat parties, meeting random people and hooking up with them, if sobreity was no longer a hinderance.

I was disappointed on all counts. It was this elusive lifestyle that I wanted so much but found I never could fit into. I’m nothing like the guys at the frats with the girls crawling over them for the free booze and company. I don’t even mean that in a condescending way. We really are just different.

But today was the first weekend of the new semester, and it’s the beginning of a new decade. Now is the perfect time to change. Right?

This whole week I was looking forward to the parties tonight. It was going to be my first step into normalcy, the first time I would feel like I belonged to something. Plus recently I’d been hearing Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” playing on TV…

My pursuit of happiness was the ideal, somewhat steretypical college life fueled by alcohol, sex, and social ambition. I have friends who’ve accomplished it and are truly happy in college right now. Why couldn’t I fins my way in? I blamed my failure on everything but myself– the frat parties were too lame, the other guys were just more fit and attractive and the girls too shallow, I had not met the right people yet, I didn’t have anyone to really party with, the people in my dorm would never accomodate that lifestyle, and the list goes on.

But this time it would be different. This time I would stay at the party until I met new people. I would get drunk and just enjoy life. Just like in the Kid Cudi video.

Unsurprisingly, I was disappointed yet again. Unlike the Kid Cudi music video, I wasn’t drinking fancy champagne, I was drinking a mysterious blue concoction and I also didn’t have any room to dance and jump around. In fact, it was so packed, it was hard to simultaneously move and breathe. Although I was sprayed by various liquids, it wasn’t in the good spirits of popped champagne– people just kept on bumping into me and spilling their drinks.

After about 45 minutes of that, my friends and I immediately decided to leave. We tried to get into another frat party but there was no more space left inside and a crowd was building on the stoop. Out of options, we decided to go to the school-run late night eatery. There we ate fries, chips and an abandoned, unopened soda while playing Taboo. It wasn’t at all what we had planned for the night. But I had a legitimately good time, and I wasn’t even buzzed by that point (a cup of blue stuff and a beer wouldn’t last me even an hour).

Now that I’m back in the comfort of my bed, I’ve come to realize just what the destination of my pursuit of happiness is. I don’t think I’ll strive anymore to meet every person in the school, or to be able to walk around campus giving “what’s up man?”‘s to the thousands of guys I’m buddies with.

At home, in high school, and, now I’ve finally realized, here in New York, I only need a few friends, board games, and a little (or a lot of) alcohol to go around to have happiness.

But if any girls are willing, I wouldn’t mind trying the “hook-up” thing. Afterall, you don’t know until you’ve tried!

End of the Quarter Notes

Well, my first quarter here at SCAD is officially ending tomorrow.

I think that it went pretty well. My classes, to be honest, were pretty easy. But I think that this is mostly due to the teachers I got. Pretty much all the freshman had the same classes, and some people had fifteen hour drawing assignments on the weekend, or last minute 2D Design projects to work on…but I never really had any of that. Everything was pretty much in class and pretty easy. Not that I’m complaining. But even though there wasn’t a lot of work outside of class and stuff, I did learn a lot. Like comparing my first drawing project to my last one, you can actually see some legit improvement.

Outside of class, I’ve totally fallen in love with Savannah. I’m surprised by how much I like this kinda sleepy little town, but there’s something really charming about it. I like living in the historic district and that it’s a fifteen minute walk to “downtown”. (Hey, there is a Marc Jacobs here. That actually is kind of legit and exclusive.)

Socially, it’s okay. I mean, let’s be honest. I didn’t really have that many friends back in the Ranch, so I don’t know what I expected here. I’ve met a few people that I like and a few that I see sorta regularly, but I haven’t had any of the all-night adventures that Josh has had. But that’s okay. It takes time, right? Right?!?! And I know that I’ll find more people once I get into some film classes. Plus I’m lucky to have met some other Britney fans (including one pretty hardcore one).

All in all, I am happy here. Sometimes I wish that I had applied to SVA in New York, or that the College of Santa Fe hadn’t shut down before I applied…but I think I like it. I really took the fact that that production of Hedwig opened right after I got here as a sign that I’m supposed to be here. Sorry that that sounds so lame, but it’s true. You know how spiritual I am.

And now that the quarter is over, it’s time to go back home for seven weeks. Yup, seven. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah break are just rolled in to one, which is kind of nice because we don’t have to go back between them.

I’d like to conclude with two lists:

Five things I am most looking forward to about going home:

  1. Having gallons of milk at my disposal! I miss drinking milk at every meal.
  2. Not having to walk up four flights of stairs to get to my room.
  3. Having my kitties and doggies.
  4. Driving around in Josh’s 4Runner blasting Beyoncé, Blackout and “Chase the Morning”.
  5. Mexican food!

Five things I will miss about SCAD/Savannah:

  1. Being able to walk everywhere
  2. The homeless man who sits by the empty store on Broughton Street playing the recorder, as well as the old man who walks around in a suit carrying a sign about following God and fighting Satan.
  3. My posters, since they have to stay behind.
  4. The Bay Street Theatre’s December show.
  5. The millions of apples I steal from the cafeteria.


Just an Observation

For the past three days, Josh and I have talked for at least two hours a day.

I think homesickness may be starting to kick in.


The good old days.


Hello. Now I am in Savannah, Georgia. Things are pretty much settled in, so that’s good. The second week of classes began today. We’re on a quarter system and only have three classes per quarter, but each class meeting is two and a half hours, so it’s kind of intense.

Other than that…I haven’t done much. I’ve never been very good at making friends. Does anyone have any tips?

So, yeah. Unfortunately I don’t really have much to report. Except that the other day when I was walking down Savannah’s main drag (LOL! Pun SO intended!!) I saw this taped up in a music store:


Is it a sign? Let’s hope so.



PS It’s really humid here. I don’t think I like humidity.

10 Things About Josh

Today has been an emotional day. I’ve been bursting into tears left and right. I spilled some Wild Cherry Pepsi on my laptop and I was nervously waiting for my Apple store appointment, fearing that my new laptop would be dead. Oh, and Josh left for college today.

But I thought that since Josh will soon be making new friends at Columbia, that I would make a list of things that these new people should know. It took me five years to realize all these things, so I’m doing all these new poeple a favor by just writing them out here.

  1. If you want to ask Josh a question, you need to call him directly. He does this thing where he reads your texts, acknowledges it in his head, and then puts his phone back in his pocket. Occasionally he’ll text back, but if you really need to get an response quickly, just call.
  2. If he says that he’ll be somewhere at 11, he’ll be there at 11:30 at the earliest.
  3. If you ever need to use his cell phone or laptop, it’s all in French. This is just something that you will have to accept.
  4. When Josh gets really excited about something, he puts his hands in his pockets and runs around in circles. Don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t happen too often, but it can be frightening the first time you see it.
  5. He procrastinates a lot. He’s (obviously) really smart, but that’s just the way he works.
  6. Josh will pretty much do anything you ask him if you ask him enough. This is something that he will later feel bad about, as he feels like he says yes too much. This is probably true.
  7. Going off the last point, Josh will join too many clubs and take on too many responsibilities. Be a good friend and try to persuade him to restrict himself from all these things. I want Josh to stay sane throughout college.
  8. Josh doesn’t sleep very much. And if there’s no food around, he won’t eat very much either.
  9. Josh is a slow reader. He’s sort of slow at everything. Of course, this is because he’ll remember it all better later, but just at the time he’s doing it, it seems like it takes forever.
  10. Sometimes Josh just gets overwhelmed by everything and needs a little breaky breaky. It’s best to accommodate these needs. Just give him a Britney Spears CD and let him recover for a bit.

So there you go, Josh’s new friends. Some facts about him and some tips from me. I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

Oh, and my laptop is just working fine again, by the way. Although they keys do feel a little sticky. Does anyone know a good way to clean under the keyboard?

It’s Josh, Bitch!

So the title of this post not only reflects my long absence from Bosh (WordPress tells me it’s been a month!), but it also addresses my selected topic: dorm room decor and first impressions.

First, let’s talk about my return to Bosh. Many of you should be aware of J+E<3 Production’s magnum opus “Bye Bye Britney”, the reason for my lack of Boshing. Add a vacation getaway to the Pacific Northwest, a nervous breakdown, technical difficulties, and a new-found addiction to nicotine and solitaire and that’s basically the last 4 weeks in a nutshell (not necessarily in that order). But now I’m back, and I actually have a lot that I want to blog about, so maybe I might get into one post a day! That is, until I start school and sit in my room and study all day.

Now onto the anecdotal part of the post (why am I using such big words today?).

Last night, I was washing my face and thinking about Britney Spears. The usual. The my sister pops her head in the bathroom and asks:

“So are you ready for college?”

“… I guess so…”

“Do you already know what posters you’re going to bring?”

“Actually I do!” So I showed her the posters I wanted to bring: my cool looking “Kill Bill” poster, my sexy “Pulp Fiction” poster, an art print that I stole from her room, a photograph of the Eiffel Tower, and then I showed her my really special posters: my “Repo: The Genetic Opera” poster, which I don’t think concerned my sister very much, and the real trouble maker, my “The Middle” poster.

Most of you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “The Middle”, so I’m going to go ahead and post this photo for you.

"The Middle" starring Patricia Heaton.

"The Middle" starring Patricia Heaton.

Yes, that is Patricia Heaton in a unitard and cape. Yes, that is Patricia Heaton’s signature on the poster. Yes, I plan on bringing this to college.

You see, I had to wait in line at Comic Con for 30 minutes to get that poster signed. And even though Patricia Heaton is a bitch, it was worth it. And the poster really just holds too much meaning for me to leave it in San Diego.

Concerned, my sister urged: “Don’t bring that Josh. Are you bringing any posters of Britney Spears?”

“I don’t have any (yet),” (The thing in parantheses was said in my mind).

“Good, don’t bring any. Because your room is people’s first impression of you and you don’t want them to think you’re weird.”

I laughed and went back to washing my face, but it made me think… what do I want people’s impression of me to be? I mean, I’d rather have my room say “It’s Josh, Bitch!” than “I’m another Quentin Tarantino fan, Bitch!”. And if there was a way that I could get my room to literally speak the words “It’s Josh, Bitch!”, I’d do it. Of course, that’d annoy my roommate.

So, in order to help me assess what type of first impression I’m going to be putting out there, I’m going to list what I’m planning to put in my room and what each item says about me. I’ll let you decide which ones are correct first impressions and which are not.

Dorm Room Decor List:

  1. “Kill Bill Volume One” poster says… “I love violence and gore!” OR “I am a serious Lucy Liu fan.” 
  2. “Pulp Fiction” poster says… “LOL at Uma Thurman almost dying!” OR “LOL at sodomy and rape!” OR “I’m a badass motherfucker.”
  3. “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” art print says… “I have a problem with tobacco.” OR “I’m not really an art person, I just like this print because there’s French on it.”
  4. Translates to: This is not a pipe.

    Translates to: "This is not a pipe."

  5. “The Middle” poster says… “My mom is true a superhero!” OR “Patricia Heaton is my IDOL.”
  6. “Repo!: The Genetic Opera” poster says… “I am into some obscure films.” OR “You should watch your back around me.”
  7. “Showgirls” poster featuring a nude Elizabeth Berkley and suction cup pasties says… “I LIKE TITS.” OR “I really have a taste for classic film.”
  8. Eiffel Tower photograph says… “Vive la France!” OR “I’ve never actually seen this landmark in person, but it’s really chic to be into French things.”
  9. Britney Spears poster/collage/life size wax model says… “I love Britney Spears more than anything else on this earth!” OR “I am a flaming homosexual.” OR “I like really edgy music.”
  10. Playbills from various shows such as “CATS”, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, and “CATS Jr.” say… “Okay, I’m a freak.” OR “I cried when Grizabella went up into the Heaviside Layer!”
  11. Something Asian my parents will undoubtedly give me for good fortune says… “So I’m Chinese or Japanese or something?” OR “I have no idea what this says, but Asian art fascinates me” OR “I do nail, onry five dolla!”
  12. Various photos of my friends and I say… “See, I’m not a complete loser!” OR “I don’t even know who these people are.”
  13. Scary photo of Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of the Lambs” says… “FLY, FLY, FLY, FLY, FLY…” OR “I ❤ Cannibalism!” OR “This is my idea of attractive.”

Once my room is actually decorated, I’ll take a photo so you can all see how accurately I portrayed myself to unsuspecting people walking into my room.



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