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Merry Britmas!!

Can you believe it? It’s Britmas again! This year has gone by so quickly! Last Britmas, Josh and I were  handing out our Britmas cards together at Scripps Ranch High School, this year, we’re mailing our own cards across the country.

But this day isn’t about us. It’s about our Lord and Savior, Britney Jean Spears, who was born twenty-eight years ago on this day in the holy city of Kentwood, Louisiana.

Happy Birthday, Britney. May you be happy and in enjoyment of the immense success you’ve had this year with your new album and world-wide tour. Your twenty-eighth year will only bring more joy. But first, take a little break! You deserve it!

So Merry Britmas, everyone! And keep Britney in your heart always. She is the reason for the season, after all!

Papa Roach Plays Dirty

Okay, so this is getting to be an annual battle for Britney fans: the Fuse sponsored Video of the Year contest. Last year she won with her video for “Womanizer” against the disgusting devil-worshipers that are Slipknot.

This year she’s made it through her brackets easily with her music video for “Circus“. There was a bit of trouble with Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, but she made it through in the end.

And now, we’re at the final stage. And she’s against Papa Roach.

This is one of these bands that I’ve always known existed, but I couldn’t name one of their songs. But they’ve taken it upon themselves to get really bitchy. Look what they wrote on their Twitter page:

And then because Britney fans are hardcore, they fought back. And then, Papa Roach went there:

Ask yourself: can you really stand for that? Do you really want people who call themselves “roaches” to win over the love and beauty that Britney Spears represents?

So be your brutal cunt self, and keep voting.

AUSTRALIA: The Land Down Under HELL

About a year ago from today, Elaine and Josh hosted a fabulous “Showgirls” themed party that was complete with a living room stylized as a stripper bar and an adjacent room for special “private” dances. Coincidentally, many of our friends were hosting Australian exchange students through an exchange program run through our school, so we thought it would be fun for everyone if we invited our friends and their Aussies. However, the success of this party was hampered by none other than those of Australian birth.

Now, I’m not racist– I mean, we cordially invited them as guests to our party– but WTF is wrong is Australians these days? I mean they were wonderful in creating beautiful, popular people like Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe (and we all know even he has quite the temper), but what went wrong with the rest of this forsaken continent?

I turn your attention to this very disturbing article:


That’s right folks. Australians, blessed with the opportunity to see Britney Spears live, actually physically left the venue demanding for their money back?!! Not only is this sacrilege, it’s also just plain stupid– they didn’t get to see Brit flying through the air during “Breathe on Me”!

They did the same thing to us at our “Showgirls” party, and now they’ve done it again to Britney Spears. Why can’t Australians ever stay at events they promise to attend? It’s obvious that Australians don’t understand or appreciate the beauty of beings like Britney Spears and Nomi Malone.

It’s worth mentioning that the people who left were in the cheap nosebleed seats and were probably old heffers. But they were also Australian, and I think this says more than any of the other descriptions.

So Boshers, next time you encounter an Australian, be wary. They might literally be from Down Under the Earth in the realms of Hell.

P.S. HOWEVER, all the Aussie Brit fans who loved the Perth concert– you are pardoned, and I hope you to stay strong amongst your ignorant neighbors!

Britney Bless One and All,


April 19, 2009: Part II

Read Part I first!

After getting out of the Convention Center, Josh’s LA-living sister drove us back to the train station. We had to run, but made it to our train on time. Since we were running late, we had to buy our tickets on board, which meant that we had to pay extra. But thanks to the precocious and annoying law student sitting across from us, we only had to pay half of the added fee. Thanks precocious and annoying law student!

We arrived in Anaheim around 5:50, and made some signs for Brit.


I should also take this time to mention the shirts that we I made. Here’s the back:


The front of Josh’s shirt said “Cold as Fire” and mine said “Hot as Ice”. You know…like Brit’s song “Hot as Ice”.

So after we made our signs at the train station, we walked to the Honda Center and ate at a nearby Rubio’s.  I can safely say that 95% of our fellow diners were headed to the concert, too. There was a group of girls with “Team Britney” shirts, and a lot of coke-whorish looking ladies (I say that lovingly!) with platinum blond hair and high heels.

Isn’t it funny how we can go from the horror freaks at Fangoria to Britney fans?

After our fish tacos, we completed our pilgrimage to the Honda Center. We got stopped by three different radio station employees for pictures and videos. We made it into this little compilation video around 1:06!

At the security check point they made us give up our signs, so we were glad that we didn’t put too much effort into them.

Once inside the Mecca that is the Honda Center, we got into the ridiculously long merch line, and got another set of matching t-shirts (number 24!) and some damn cool Britney dog tag necklaces!

Finally we got so our wonderful seats which were SO CLOSE to the stage! Srsly! We probably couldn’t have thrown anything to the stage, but we definitely could have launched something with a rubber band. But we would never disgrace her majesty Britney like that during a performance.

At 8:00, the Pussycat Dolls took the stage. Holla! I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much (I don’t even know all their names). But they did put on a good show! They sang “Don’t Cha”, “Buttons”, “Stickwichu”, “Jai Ho”, “When I Grow Up”…and probably something else that I can’t remember.



That's Kimberly on the left. She's our favorite.

That's Kimberly on the left. She's our favorite.

After they finished their set, we had to wait. The stage crew set everything up for Brit.

Waiting in antici...pation.

Waiting in antici...pation.

We also met Lisa, the drunk self-described “old-hag” sitting next to us. She continued to grind up on Josh throughout the night.

I’ll cover Brit’s entrance and the show in the next post!

Britney Concert Update: Vancouver

Well, last’s night show in Vancouver didn’t go over so well. Twenty minutes into the show, Brit walked off and the lights went out. Her team explained to the crowd that there was too much smoke from cigerettes and pot going around the areana, and there wasn’t proper ventilation for the dancers, crew, and most importantly, Britney. So forty minutes later, she went back and finished the show. But after the encore, she left with this:

Come out of the closet already!!

This is a message for my sister.

I remember you used to play “Heaven on Earth” all the time on your iPod.

I hear you whenever you sing-along with “Womanizer” when it comes on the radio.

I heard the “Circus” music video playing on your computer last night (and not just once but twice!).

So, stop trying to hide it! Just come out of the closet okay!

You’re a Britney fan and you know it!

Don’t worry about what people will say about you. It doesn’t matter in the end. In the end, you’ll have Britney and that’s all that matters.

Just embrace who you are. It’s a beautiful thing really.

Don’t worry about mom and dad. They’ll support you no matter what. We’ll all love you no matter what you are.

But being honest, I’m not sure what your boyfriend will think. Maybe you should keep it a secret to some people.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Be strong.

Your brother,


The Most Important Day of 2008

Okay, so Elaine started this post, but all she wrote was the title, “The Most Important Day of 2008”.

Because I know Elaine quite well, just from this title, I already know what she was going to talk about. It is a day more joyous than Elaine’s birthday, or even mine, or even yours dear reader.

In fact, it happens to be the day our dear Savior Jesus Christ saved us from eternal damnation. That day, my friends, is December 2nd… the day of the birth of Britney Spears in the year 1981 of our Lord (or the year 0 ABS).

This year, December 2nd represents a resurrection and a second coming, all rolled up into one day.

I’ll let Elaine explain why December 2nd is, in fact, the Most Important Day of 2008…

It’s Elaine now. I guess it’s good to have a bestie who knows your thoughts from five words and four numbers (stay tuned for a post about our other mind-reading abilties in the coming days)!

But then again, I guess that you don’t have to be my bestie to know what’s been on my mind lately.

December 2nd, 2008 represents Britney Spears’ 27th birthday, as well as the day that her new studio album “Circus” is released.

Dear friends, I cannot use written or spoken words to describe the feeling that rushes through my body when I think about “Circus”. Let me try to use my new favorite medium of dance to describe it to you:

Okay, so that’s not me. But I think that it sort of sums up my wealth of emotion about 12/2/08.

I fell in love with Britney with the release of 2007’s “Blackout”. I had casually liked her through elementary school, forgot about her in middle school, and then, in the eleventh grade found her again. It was in the middle of her hard year. I don’t need to go into details. You know. But when I heard “Blackout”, it was just so good. Everything was so good. And I accepted Britney, let her enter my heart, and fill it with love and joy.

I showed the CD to Josh (but I wasn’t embarrassed to admitting to him that I loved a Britney Spears CD because I regularly get emails from him with subjects like, “I’m working on a new opera”, or “My a cappella version of ‘Moon River'”).

Anyways, we started to really get into all her music, and the culmination of this was the 26th birthday party that we threw her last year.

Since then we’ve really followed her every move, and naturally, this CD is a giant leap.

Why do I love Britney Spears?

Where to begin. My favorite music includes David Bowie, The Who, Elton John, The Beatles, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed…Britney Spears. I know that she doesn’t have deep/soulful/meaningful lyrics (she hardly even writes!), and none of her songs are musically significant, but…I just love how fun they are. And how easy they are to dance to first thing in the morning in your pajamas, or down at the club with your homies.

I just love everything about her. Every topless photo shoot, every thong-worn-over-jeans, every bump and grind on the dance floor: she may not be role model material, but I don’t care. She’s nothing but Britney.

Everyone, please buy “Circus” on December 2nd. Even if it’s just a few tracks from iTunes. (But once you hear it, you won’t want to stop!!)

Let’s support a woman who has had a tough time. Who is being honest about it, and who is trying to get herself reestablished in the harsh world of show business.

And let’s support an artist who is real.

Real sexy, that is!


This is Josh again. I just wanted to say that I approve this message.

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