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We are opiniated bitches and in our popular Opinions feature, we will put a controversial issue up for debate. I will say what I think, then Josh will share his views.

Today’s topic:

MTV’s announced remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

ELAINE SAYS: Okay, so I like RHPS. A lot. I’ve only seen it live twice, but I’ve seen it at home literally dozens upon dozens of times and have participated in two different at-home participation experiences (guess who with). I have researched it’s past and all the participants involved and can quickly name the hairdresser and makeup artist and tell you who else they’ve worked with. Josh and I once sent $50 in cash to NYC to get some RHPS-realted shit from the official fan club. In short, I’m a big freaky fan. I mean, I’ve even own Shock Treatment on VHS and DVD! Not just any one would buy that twice!

But when I heard the news of the remake, I was kind of excited (I won’t make the obvious reference here). I think people are just getting too hot and flustered over it. Because it sounds to me like it will get released on TV, no one will watch it, and it will go away. American teeangers won’t be enticed by the TV-guide description that reads, “NEW – wholesome couple get ensnared in alien transvestite’s plot for sexual domination”. And if anything this will only bring back more hype for the original movie!

Plus it’s a big paycheck for Richard O’Brien.

But my one thing about a remake is that the story is so dated. I mean, why would Brad and Janet have to stop to use a phone where they both have cell phones with them? And why don’t they just update their Facebook status’ from their iPhone to send for help? And Dr. Scott could have been on Frank-n-furter’s ass in ten minutes if he just Googled him! But whatever, I’m still excited to see it. Even in Zac Efron has the lead role.

PS Tim Curry was a sexy mofo, wasn’t he?

JOSH SAYS: I will only watch it if Susan Sarandon reprises her role. I bet she’d look even hotter now…

The Greatest Service on the Internet

Josh has recently found and it is truly the best thing out there. Instead of selling something on a nameless Internet market site and getting only two dollars for a DVD, you can trade your old DVD/book/CD for something else!

I have already traded my copy of “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar” for “Showgirls”!!

Honestly, who would want To Wong Foo? It’s really bad. It’s probably one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

I am truly getting the better end of the deal here.

And remember, darlings, like Cristal Conners sas, “There’s always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you!”

~ Elaine


So after the riveting first post that hooked you to Bosh with Elaine and Josh, I am sure you are asking yourself some questions. “Who is Elaine?” “Who is Josh?” “Who are Elaine and Josh” “What does bosh even mean?” “Why am I not wearing pants right now?”

Well, my friend, while I cannot help you with the last question, I can begin to help you with the rest:

ELAINE is a seventeen year old Jewish girl who hates math. She has become bitter and jaded after working for minimum wage at a multiplex and can identify most dog breeds immediatley after seeing them. She has seen Elton John in concert and likes to read trashy memoirs and watch reruns of Queer as Folk on Logo.

JOSH is a sixteen year old Buddhist boy (who is often mistaken for a female on the phone). He has a 5.0 GPA and got fired from his first job. He is an avid crocheter and hypnotized himself to learn French quickly. He once went to a Halloween party as Uma Thurman from Kill Bill, and takes “genius pills” that his mom gives him.

ELAINE AND JOSH met in eighth grade when they both were taking the Yearbook class. They were placed in the same group and made a few shitty pages for the yearbook and spent the year making a video retrospective to be shown at the end-of-the-year banquet. They truly bonded when Elaine showed Josh the film Donnie Darko. Josh shared Pulp Fiction with Elaine, and since then they have spent there time finding other bizarre films to shock each other with. One of their favorite movies that they recommed to everyone they meet is The Man Who Fell to Earth. They pray to Tim Curry, and once drove two hours to see him interview John Landis (you can Wikipedia him if you don’t know who he is…like we didn’t. If you are unfamiliar with Tim Curry, we kindly ask you to leave this blog now.) They spend a lot of time at their favorite hangout, Santana’s Mexican Grill, and making short films about eggs.

BOSH, if you looked at the top of the page you would know means: something regarded as absurd; nonsense.

Have a lovely evening,

Elaine and Josh

The Premise…

Hello, Cyberspace. Welcome to Bosh with Elaine and Josh!

Elaine and Josh have been BFFs since eighth grade, and after this summer will enter their senior year of high school. They have a lot of goals to achieve before they blow out of this town, and this blog will be a way to keep track of the progress they are making.

It will also be a place for Elaine and Josh to bitch about people, employment, and the state of their young lives.

They are social people (to an extent) and invite their future loyal fans to comment and interact with them via this site.

You be learning more about Elaine and Josh in the upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

Take care of yourselves,

The Editors of Bosh with Elaine and Josh

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