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It’s Been Awhile

I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting…but I’m here now…

Hi everyone (hi Forrest and Emily!). Sorry we dissapeared forever. We’ve been so busy with Bye Bye Britney.

Other than that, we went to Old Town and went on a Ghost Hunt! We dined at Hooters! We also went to Comic Con and got Patricia Heaton’s autograph!

We also saw REPO! The Genetic Opera at midnight and sat next to Alexa Vega! Well, we sat in the same row as her. And she even fell alseep half way through the movie! And we got to see her eat popcorn!

And now I need to get back to editing.

Sorry that this was the world’s lamest post. I just wanted to write something because it’s been years.

My First College Party!

College is so exciting!

Today I was browsing my “Furnald ’09/’10” Facebook group (you know, the one for all the Columbia freshmen and sophomores who are living in the nicest residence hall on campus– Furnald) and I found a mysterious link posted on the wall. Naturally, I clicked it, and lo and behold! My first college party!

The genius living in Room 420 is already planning a party for the first week-end of school! I’m sure the other residence halls have something like this planned but they call Furnald the “anti-social” dorm so it was really comforting to see the invite. Will I have friends afterall?

My only concern is that there are already 15 confirmed guests (I’m just a maybe, just in case I meet these people and don’t like them) and I’m pretty sure 420 is a single… so how are we going to fit a possible 20+ person party in a 120 sq ft. dorm (not to mention all the space the furnishings take)? I guess that’s all part of the experience.

I’ve also never done pot and since the event photo is a giant marijuana leaf, maybe I’ll get to try something new!

There’s a first time for everything right?

Except coke. I promised my nostrils I would never do coke.

Dorm Worries

I just found out today that at SCAD I’ll be living in a triple occupancy dorm. That means me and two other girls. Unfortunatley, I don’t get to find out my two new best friends until mid-August.

A lot of people didn’t want to get a triple, but my thinking is that no matter which roommate I’m with, we’ll always have something to talk about: the other girl*.

But how exactly can I decorate this dorm? I look around my room right now, and it’s a little…out there. Two walls are “grenedine red”, two are “royal purple” (from the Disney collection), and the celing is dark grey. David Bowie is above my bed (which has leopard print bedding) and Britney Spears is hanging next to Hedwig. Iggy Pop is situated under a bulletin board filled with weird things, which goes nicely with my door, which features a collage of magazine pages.

How can I ever live with another person? Let alone two??

And will I have enough room anywhere to hang up my Showgirls wall mural?


Jesus, why do I have to be so fucking weird? Will I have to give up my “Firetrucks in Action” calendar (which is also a “Burning Buildings” calendar, depending how you look at it)? Will I have ample bookself space for my signed John Landis biography or my Mick Rock photography books? What if they look at the picture of Josh and I with John Waters and ask, “Who’s that?”? What if my roomies don’t even like Britney Spears?!

But maybe I’m just getting ahead of myself. I mean, people at art school are obviously going to be creative and open-minded. Right? I mean, I’m sure that they’ll accept me on some level. And I’ll just be sure to be nice to them no matter what. Unless they try to hang up a fucking Twilight poster. Then I’m asking for a new room assignment**.

*And if my future roomies look up this blog and read this, I’m totally kidding!

**Again, just kidding, roomies!

Elaine and Josh’s Crazy Week

This past week has been so insane. Here are the highlighs:

  • Adapting Bye Bye Britney the stage musical into Bye Bye Britney the musical movie. Shooting begins Monday.
  • Going to the midnight premier of Harry Potter.
  • Sleepover #1 with Forrest where we watched Basic Instinct and Showgirls and played Mall Madness until six AM (the details get fuzzy on this one…)
  • Having a serious discussion with Paris Hilton’s sex tape going on the background.
  • Walking the dogs around midnight and creating plans for the Lighthart estate.
  • Sleepover #2 with Forrest, Nishita, Jo’Ann and a much-needed apperance by Daniel. I can’t divulge the details, but  it did involve not sleeping until six AM, watching The Man Who Fell to Earth (or at least the gun scene), and watching the menu for Female Trouble four about half an hour.
  • Going to San Diego’s Gay Pride Festival, where we saw Ongina from RuPaul’s Drag Race (!) and our old friends, Hedwiggin Midnight Radio.
  • And, naturally, a California burrito from SMG.

Things to look forward to next week include Comic-Con and REPO! The Genetic Opera at mightnight!

A Formal Apology

Dear Boshers,

I’d like to take this time to formally apologize for the previous post. Josh, or “Jeosh”, was delusional and did not know what he was typing. Please disregard everything he wrote, and know that none of it was factual.

The only true part was that we were lying on the floor watching Showgirls, the rest is a fabrication of Josh’s mind.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Editors of Bosh With Elaine and Josh

A Drunk Post from Jeosh

Now I am lying on my floor watching Showgirls with Elaine. We did too many shots. Or at least I did. But Forrest is the one in his underwear. Haha he just exclaimed “they’re going to make you have sex NOMI!” That’s funny.

There’s so many boobs in this movie that you just stop noticing after a while.

I’m still surprised I can still type because I can’t really feel my fingers. Or any of my limbs right now. It feels trippy.

I love Britney Spears so much.

Good Morning!!!!!!!


Netflix Really Gets Me

Netflix has always assumed that I’m a 30 year old gay man based on my rental history, and has always recommeneded me movies in that light. Fine with me, because for the most part I have the same interests as a 30 year old gay man. But now Netflix is getting to know me on a whole new level.

While they used to just have a “Movies You’ll Love” section that would say things like: “You’ll love Mommie Dearest because you loved Showgirls“, they’re going way deep into my psychology now. They look at common themes in all the movies I’ve rented (or can now FINALLY Instant Watch on my Mac!!) and show me movies that there’s now way I can’t love.

It’s almost frightening how deep of a character study this is, and I think I’m learning more about myself than I ever have before. Thanks, Netflix.

Here’s the screen caps of my Netflix homepage just so that you can understand how specific they’re able to make their recommendations to my interests:

Picture 1Picture 3

I love Goofy Independent Satires! No Goofy Studio Satires for me! And I didn’t even know that “Violent Gay & Lesbian” was a genre…but it sounds like something I would enjoy!

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