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My First College Party!

College is so exciting!

Today I was browsing my “Furnald ’09/’10” Facebook group (you know, the one for all the Columbia freshmen and sophomores who are living in the nicest residence hall on campus– Furnald) and I found a mysterious link posted on the wall. Naturally, I clicked it, and lo and behold! My first college party!

The genius living in Room 420 is already planning a party for the first week-end of school! I’m sure the other residence halls have something like this planned but they call Furnald the “anti-social” dorm so it was really comforting to see the invite. Will I have friends afterall?

My only concern is that there are already 15 confirmed guests (I’m just a maybe, just in case I meet these people and don’t like them) and I’m pretty sure 420 is a single… so how are we going to fit a possible 20+ person party in a 120 sq ft. dorm (not to mention all the space the furnishings take)? I guess that’s all part of the experience.

I’ve also never done pot and since the event photo is a giant marijuana leaf, maybe I’ll get to try something new!

There’s a first time for everything right?

Except coke. I promised my nostrils I would never do coke.

Las Vegas: A Reflection

I’ve just spend the past three days with my family in the City of Sin. But unfortunatley, no sinning took place becase we were  there for my sister’s  cheerleading competition.

Let’s just say that it wasn’t the best vacation of my life.

But the point of this post is that while I was sitting in the Paris hotel enjoying my nine dollar crepe, I looked around and had an epiphany: Las Vegas is Elaine and Josh with an unlimited budget.

What do we do best? Plan parties. And what is Las Vegas? A never-ending party.

At all our parties is take a big theme and then break it down into separate sections. For example, the Britney Spears party featured little stations the invited guests to  “Marry Your Best Friend” or “Makeout with Madonna”. In Las Vegas the theme is gambling/sex/alcohol, and it is broken up into themed hotels.

Gambling in “New York”, having sex in the “Eifel Tower”, drinking at the “Circus”.

I could just imagine us planning a whole city and then making themed hotels to go along with it. And then I see us heading over to Michael’s and buying construction paper and styrofoam to make decorations with.

Yeah. We could plan a city. Just give a few weeks, some iced lattes from McCafe´ and a few million dollars.

But don’t get surprised if we get distracted and start a totally new project like writing a musical or choreographing a dance. We do that sometimes.


Did you know that we also run a thriving party planning service?

Well, the websites just been updated, so why not head over and read about some of our past parties? You won’t be disappointed.

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