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3 Video Premiere!

Good morning everyone!

And happy holidays! Today is BriEaster, the day that we celebrate the resurrection of Britney Spears’ career after having those two babies. It is marked by the release of Blackout in 2007.

As if that wasn’t that enough reason to celebrate, today is also the day that the “3” video has been released, and personally, I LOVE it!

Please witness it for yourself:

Click me to see the 3 video!!

Seriously, I love this video. It features all the things that I appreciate in life: a half naked Britney Spears, seeing Britney Spears grind up on sexy girls and boys, new dance moves performed by Britney Spears, girls hanging on poles, and, most importantly, great cinematography!!

This video features an element common in many Brit vids: cutaways to a sexy Britney dancing/rolling around/touching herself/touching other people. It doesn’t feature any kind of “story” like “If U Seek Amy” or “Womanizer” did, but that’s okay because it’s just a chance to show off how good looking she is.

These are some of my favorite parts, time-stamped for your convenience:

0:05 – LOVE the built in Fantasy advertisement.

0:47 – The second I know that this will be a masterpiece.

0:50 – Oh shit!

0:54 – Look at what she’s wearing!!

1:10 – Josh and I will learn this dance.

1:26 – Dayuuuum!


2:05 – Sexy move. And that dancer has the Hebrew alphabet tattooed around his arm!

2:10 – LOL at her ponytail!!

2:19 – Holla at faux lesbianism!

2:26 – Who is that bitch?! Focus on Britney!

2:31 – Oh wow. That psycho camera work was kind of off-putting.

2:45 – She does a cute little nose scrunch.

3:00 – LOL! Why didn’t she go into acting??

Moral Dilemma

Britney’s next single is “Radar”, and therefore they’ve made a music video for it.

They (aka the assholes over at Jive) haven’t given us a release date for the video, but tonight, someone leaked it onto YouTube.

And I don’t know what to do.

Should I watch it and enjoy the four minutes of Britney’s sexy self dancing and lip synching her heart out…or should I wait for the actual release?

Because you know, what if it’s not done yet? What if this isn’t how Britney wants me to see it? What if this isn’t how all the crew of the video wants me to see it?

Shit, this is hard. I never felt bad about watching pirated episodes of The L Word, but for actual quality entertainment that is guarteened by anything related to Britney, shouldn’t I respect the creators and the artists enough to wait until the offical release? Because as a person who is going into a media related field, wouldn’t I want my future consumers to have the same respect for my projects?

But what if Britney’s wearing something sexy? What if she has some really hot dance moves??

Oh, this open YouTube window is just taunting me. I can hear the beginning of “Radar” right now in my head. But…alas…I think I will wait. At least for now.


Okay, so I just watched the video. And I’m glad that I did, because Britney looked fine! Unfortunatley, though, there was no dancing at all! But that’s okay. It was still a good video. Although, to be honest, I always pictured “Radar” more like at a nightclub…not at a horse race.

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