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This has definiteley been a year of growth. Especially for Josh.

Last August we had a luau/pool party for our friend Jackie, so I made us special J+E<3 tank tops to wear. However, Josh was mortified by the creation I made, and refused to be seen in it. Getting this picture was a struggle:


By the time we reached April, he was able to don our homemade “Single Ladies” shirt for the entire school to see.


And by the time we got to May, he was ready:


Clearly it has been a year of change for Josh. There is really no telling what the future has in store for him.

Costuming Help

So Josh and I are performing the “Single Ladies” dance for the school Talent Show, but we don’t know what to wear! We also have a third back up dancer, so we need three outfits: one for “Beyoncé” (me, obvs), and two backup dancers.

Any suggestions?

New Videos!

And by “new” I mean “different versions of the last one”.

The (one minute shorter ) Director’s Cut:

The Outtakes:

The Dance:

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