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First Circus-versary!

Exactly one year ago today, April 19th, 2009, Josh and I were blessed to attend The Circus: Starring Britney Spears in Anaheim, California. Can you believe that it’s been a year since the concert? It really does feel like yesterday. Kind of.

In case you’re wondering, nothing ever came of our radio exposure, unfortunately.  But if you remember our other experience on April 19th, the failed attempt to see the cast of REPO! The Genetic Opera at the Fangoria convention, that was resolved many months later, when we went to a midnight screening of REPO! in San Diego, and sat next to Alexa Vega.

But back to Brit. The Circus was, by far, the best concert I’ve ever been to (no offense, Neil Diamond!). In terms of the enthusiasm of the crowd, and the performance itself, a Britney Spears concert really can’t be beat.

So happy First Circus-versary! May many more follow, and may we have the luck to see Britney Spears, live again one day.

April 19, 2009: Part II

Read Part I first!

After getting out of the Convention Center, Josh’s LA-living sister drove us back to the train station. We had to run, but made it to our train on time. Since we were running late, we had to buy our tickets on board, which meant that we had to pay extra. But thanks to the precocious and annoying law student sitting across from us, we only had to pay half of the added fee. Thanks precocious and annoying law student!

We arrived in Anaheim around 5:50, and made some signs for Brit.


I should also take this time to mention the shirts that we I made. Here’s the back:


The front of Josh’s shirt said “Cold as Fire” and mine said “Hot as Ice”. You know…like Brit’s song “Hot as Ice”.

So after we made our signs at the train station, we walked to the Honda Center and ate at a nearby Rubio’s.  I can safely say that 95% of our fellow diners were headed to the concert, too. There was a group of girls with “Team Britney” shirts, and a lot of coke-whorish looking ladies (I say that lovingly!) with platinum blond hair and high heels.

Isn’t it funny how we can go from the horror freaks at Fangoria to Britney fans?

After our fish tacos, we completed our pilgrimage to the Honda Center. We got stopped by three different radio station employees for pictures and videos. We made it into this little compilation video around 1:06!

At the security check point they made us give up our signs, so we were glad that we didn’t put too much effort into them.

Once inside the Mecca that is the Honda Center, we got into the ridiculously long merch line, and got another set of matching t-shirts (number 24!) and some damn cool Britney dog tag necklaces!

Finally we got so our wonderful seats which were SO CLOSE to the stage! Srsly! We probably couldn’t have thrown anything to the stage, but we definitely could have launched something with a rubber band. But we would never disgrace her majesty Britney like that during a performance.

At 8:00, the Pussycat Dolls took the stage. Holla! I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much (I don’t even know all their names). But they did put on a good show! They sang “Don’t Cha”, “Buttons”, “Stickwichu”, “Jai Ho”, “When I Grow Up”…and probably something else that I can’t remember.



That's Kimberly on the left. She's our favorite.

That's Kimberly on the left. She's our favorite.

After they finished their set, we had to wait. The stage crew set everything up for Brit.

Waiting in antici...pation.

Waiting in antici...pation.

We also met Lisa, the drunk self-described “old-hag” sitting next to us. She continued to grind up on Josh throughout the night.

I’ll cover Brit’s entrance and the show in the next post!

Britney Concert Update: Vancouver

Well, last’s night show in Vancouver didn’t go over so well. Twenty minutes into the show, Brit walked off and the lights went out. Her team explained to the crowd that there was too much smoke from cigerettes and pot going around the areana, and there wasn’t proper ventilation for the dancers, crew, and most importantly, Britney. So forty minutes later, she went back and finished the show. But after the encore, she left with this:

Countdown to Britney: 12 Days

Elaine prepared by…gathering all her Britney CD’s for the car ride up.

Josh prepared by…purchasing Brit’s MTV documentary For the Record.

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