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ATTN: Readers of the SD Union-Tribune!

If you live in San Diego and read the U-T, keep on the lookout for a compelling letter to Miss Manners in the advice columns! It was just sent today, but it’s soooo good, I have a feeling all of SD will see it very soon.

Dear Miss Manners,

My college applications required teacher recommendations and it is common courtesy to give your recommending teachers a small gift as a token of appreciation. So I had the brilliant idea of giving my teachers a giftcard and a t-shirt from whichever college I end up committing to. However, the problem is, is that one of my teachers is rather heavy and would most likely wear a t-shirt sized XL or XXL. The gifts are a surprise so I cannot ask her for her t-shirt size, but I am worried that she’ll be offended that I bought her an XXL shirt. Another option would be to give her a generic item like a school pennant, but I definitely want to give my other two recommending teachers a t-shirt and I’m worried that she’ll think I gave her a less practical gift.

Is it impolite to guess someone’s size when buying a gift? Is it impolite to ask? What is the best way to ask if I must?

Thank you,


The writer of that letter is none other than yours truly. And as for the identity of the teacher, all I’m going to say is “neckbaby”.

This has been a question that’s been racking my mind for quite some time now and I can’t wait to hear what Miss Manners says!

Out of curiousity, what do you think, dear reader of Bosh? Leave a comment with your opinion.

Yours truly,

CollegeBound (who is obviously Josh since Elaine is too nubby to go to college)

Why am I so Awkward?!

I’ve asked this question to the powers that be many times, and it only seems to be getting worse as I age.

This may be a common problem, but whenever I am in a conversation with someone I don’t know TOO well, I always get nervous and say something really strange, random, or completely inappropriate.

Here are some of my favourite examples:

  • By chance, I randomly meet Jeremy, an old acquaintance, in Harvard Yard while I’m touring the campus (he’s a current student). At one point he says to me, “It was nice seeing you again!” to which I accidentally and awkwardly reply, “yeah, no problem!” I’m not an asshole, I swear! I don’t think letting you see me again is a gift from me to you!
  • While leaving a message on a teacher’s voicemail, I said “thank you… thank you very much,” and now she’s going to think I talk like Elvis.
  • Whenever I want to say “goodbye” when I’m having a conversation in French, I end up saying “bonjour” and the other person hangs up/leaves before I can say “au revoir”.
  • If there is a situation where I know someone, but don’t really “know” them, but I still feel obligated to say hello, I just whimper a little “hey!” and then try to run away as fast as I can.

The bottom line is that people I don’t know very well make me nervous when they talk to me one on one, and especially when I talk to their voicemail.

But for you fellow awkers out there, my Yale interview was fine, so you still have hope!

In my opinion, my problem is, is that there are too many pleasantries exchanged in the English language and all of them flood my head at the same time and I just choose the wrong one… everytime.

Hi Your Welcome,


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