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Spreading the Jay Love

I know that I’ve talked about how much I love Jay Brannan already and I know that Josh hates it when I talk about weird little things that only I like (see: every post on The L Word). But too bad, Josh!

I love Jay, his little shaved head, and his sad voice. And I want everyone to buy his CD and support him.

Now, please enjoy his music video for “Can’t Have it All” from his CD Goddamned.

That is all.

I Bought a New CD

I have a disease where I don’t like new music. I just don’t.  Usually I just stick with an artist that I like and add another CD to the rotation (and sometimes I never listen to it (I’m talking to you, David Bowie’s Heathen!).

But I’ve been meaning to listen to Jay Brannan for a long time, and I have to recommend him to anybody with ears.

His new (well, relatively. It came out in July) CD is called Goddamned and it is so good. I haven’t stopped listening to it.

Naturally, you’re familiar with Jay from the film Shortbus where you’ll remember him as Ceth.


And of course, you’ll remember the song “Soda Shop” from the film.

Well, I just want to urge everyone to purchase Goddamned and to keep an eye out for Jay Brannan because he is going far. He has such a beautiful voice, and although his songs are on the mellow-er side, the lyrics are sharp and witty. I don’t really know how to review music, so all I can do is reiterate how much I love this CD. He’s truly taleneted (not to mention adorable).

Anyways, why not check out his music and then buy his CD?


Seriously…how can you deny that beautiful boy?!

Best wishes,


Unique Christmas Music

What? Even though we’ve just featured two Christmas posts you’re still not feeling the Christmas spirit?

Well, I have just the cure: “Mom and Daddy Please Don’t Steal For Us This Christmas” by Suzannah will surely put you right in the mood!

Mom and Daddy Please Don’t Steal For Us This Christmas

(Sorry, you’ll have to follow the link and press the red play arrow. I’m not advanced enough to actually place music in this blog).

Want more tragic Christmas music? From “Christmas Without Daddy” to “Fist Me This Christmas”, you’ll find all you ever wanted and more in special episode of the Feast of Fools podcast:

Feast of Fools Podcast – Incredibly Strange Christmas Music

Opinions: The Jonas Brothers

Tonight in the cultural capital of America (San Diego, duh), we are blessed with the visit of the boy-band phenomenon: The Jonas Brothers. The numbers and screaming girls don’t lie: they are extremely popular and extremely loved. But what do the pop culture savvy Elaine and Josh think about the trio?

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas.

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas.

ELAINE: I despise the Jonas Brothers with every fiber of my being. First of all, look at them. I mean REALLY look at them. They are all horribly unattractive! I always hear people talking about how hot they are, but sorry, no. Kevin Jonas looks like a pig. The nose makes it uncanny. But getting past the superficial level, let’s talk about the music. Sorry. What music? Believe me, I understand that music does not need to be art to be good; sometimes a sing-a-long track or dance music is so much better then something that’s supposed to be meaningful, but come on! But I’ll be honest, the main reason I hate them is their purity rings. Gross! Who wants to fantasize about these asexual Christian “rock stars”? Can it get any more boring? They themselves seem like the most boring people in the world.

Let’s review: ugly, untalented, conservative and traditional…that is not something I want anywhere near my life, let alone my iPod. Not when there are alternatives like the pretty, mega-talented, and crazy Britney out there.

JOSH: No, I don’t have some sort of inferiority complex. No, I’m not vengefully jealous. It’s simple: I don’t like the Jonas Brothers. Admittedly, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to one of their songs all the way through and luckily life makes it so I don’t have to. No director wants their music in movies or TV Shows (with the exception of Disney Channel). No DJ ever plays their music on the radio (with the exception of Radio Disney). No store owner wants to play their music over the speakers (with the exception of the Disney store and Limited Too).

I’ve heard the Jonas Brothers likened to the Beatles and that’s just absolutely preposterous. If anything, this is just another Disney commercial success– another Mickey Mouse if you will. How could these 3 “musicians” who sing conservative songs about liking girls who don’t like them back and the like be anything like the Beatles? The Beatles were shocking for their time; they sang about sex. They were parents’ worst nightmares. The Jonas Brothers need parental acceptance or their fan base would collapse. You know who the Jonas Brothers remind me of? Hansen. And 10 years after Hansen, how many Hansen songs can you name from memory? One? Maybe two if you were a “fan” back then. How many Beatles songs can you name? Everyone can name at least 5, maybe even 10. And it’s been almost 50 years since the Beatles exploded. An average person could even name 5 Britney Spears songs.

How many Jonas Brothers songs can I name?

Just one. And I have a feeling that number isn’t ever going to change.

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