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Husbands and Husbands

Sorry for our absence. Blame it on finals.

But to make up for it (because I know how upsetting it is to all our many, many loyal readers when we don’t post regularly) here’s a really cute video of a little boy, who is more intelligent than 52% of Californians.


Just here to celebrate our 1,003 views on our YouTube video “I Am…Britney Spears Fan”.

Why not leave a funny comment like “this video is sex on toast” or “i want to be you<3 hahahhaahahha love it "?

What should our next video be?

New Videos!

And by “new” I mean “different versions of the last one”.

The (one minute shorter ) Director’s Cut:

The Outtakes:

The Dance:

For Ummmmmm: LOL @ H8!

So Elaine and I recently did an opinion piece on the teenbop phenomenon known as “The Jonas Brothers”. I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon this youtube gem:

All I got to say Ummmmmm is that aren’t you glad we aren’t like this girl? At least we left out the scary music!

I don’t know why I think that video is funny… I think it’s because I can imagine some angry, punk girl sitting at her computer making a bunch of title cards with Windows Movie Maker and cursing at the world. Now THAT’S comedy!

I do like that UndeadAngel993 is really sassy like Miss B though (that’s Beyoncé for y’all who don’t learn dance from Coca).

And UndeadAngel993 cusses a lot. That’s always good.

See, sometimes hate can be funny!

Test of Loyalty

I love Britney Spears.

I love Britney Spears.

I love Britney Spears.

But I can’t help my new found obsession for Beyonce’s hot video for her hot single, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It”.

I mean, look at the legs moves that the girl has!

I’m working on learning the dance. I’m serious about this. Dance is my new passion.

But in the end, there’s only one pop princess who owns my heart.

It’s really Beyonce’s loss. I’m a  good fan to have.

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