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A Controversial Question

A little over a year ago at our high school, there was a terrible accident that took place in the parking lot.

There was a girl lying on the street as a car backed out (quote from another student about the incident: “You know [her]. She liked laying places.”) and she was literally run over by the car.

It was obviously a serious accident and it required multiple surgeries and many weeks of recovery.

Following the accident, it was touch-and-go for a period in time, and in this time, a Facebook group called “Support [Insert Name Here]” was created. Feeling pressured by my peers, I had to join the group. Because otherwise it would look like I didn’t support her and wanted her to die.

However, now she’s fully recovered and fourteen months have passed. Will I be a bitch if I leave the Facebook group? Will it come up on everybody’s News Feeds with “Elaine Gray has left the group Support [Insert Name Here]”, and what will people think of that? What will [Insert Name Here] think of that?

I guess that being a member of this group isn’t really problematic in anyway…but I feel like it just brings my whole Facebook page down.

This problem has been bothering me everytime I log into Facebook. So, about three (or more) times a day.

Best Wishes,


Facebook statuses and the death of AIM

I’ve noticed something funny that’s happened to me…

Today I signed into my AIM account, which I don’t do very often (only when Facebook chat completely fails on me and no one is on gchat either). When I went to personalize my away message I discovered just how much facebook has brainwashed me.

I made my away message: “wouldn’t mind a life-threatening disease at the moment.”

What’s so peculiar about this away message you ask?


In fact, I just automatically assumed everybody would read it, “bubbagumpjello05 wouldn’t mind a life-threatening disease at the moment.”

Then I realized that when people messaged me, I’d just send an automatic message with a grammatically incorrect sentence, so I went back to change it.

But I couldn’t.

Starting anything with “I” is awkward. Talking in the third person with “Josh” is just weird. I’m not a girl so I’m not socially allowed to put in an inspirational song lyric about “love”. And I’m avoiding homework at all costs so I couldn’t put in the traditional “homework” and I definitely couldn’t start listing all the homework I have because I don’t even remember most of it (you know how people do: “50 pages of Beowulf, Mariah Carey psych essay, gun control opinion essay, drama scene, and physics test”). I’m not in any mood to command people to “go away!” or “leave me alone to wallow in my misery!”. It wouldn’t be right.

So I just settled on my incomplete sentence without a subject.

What’s next? Will I start putting up my (non-existent) relationship status in my info? Will I change my screenname to my REAL NAME??

The HORROR!!! Imagine the predators that would come flocking!

I seriously doubt it though. Facebook is really here to stay, and AIM is just slowly on its way out. That’s showbidness baby.

It’s really too bad though. The death of AIM is really the end of an era. I remember that whenever I wanted to find dirt (i.e. “are they really going out with Steve?”) on people I would just scour their AIM info for interesting tidbits, usually in the form of “<3 steve 4eva”. And if someone’s away message said, “I hate the world,” you knew it was serious.

But now you can find out all of that stuff and more on facebook! Scandalous photos! Excessive amounts of virtual alcoholic drinks! Thrown sheep! It’s ALL on facebook.

Eh… I guess I don’t miss AIM that much.

❤ Josh 4eva

P.S. I don’t know anyone named Steve.

Giving Thanks 2

So Elaine already did this and Thanksgiving already passed, but I’m going to do my list of things to be thankful for anyway.

For the year of 2008, I am most thankful for:

  • Britney Spears
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • 4th period Poli Sci (on Monday and Friday only) [because on these days we actually don’t have class and I eat out with family]
  • My mattress
  • My Poli Sci family
  • My real family and Tigger
  • Madrigal
  • The Jonas Brothers… JK!
  • My best friend who likes to pretend that she has other friends but really doesn’t (I know Shandra isn’t real!).
  • All you readers out there reading this!
  • My driver’s license
  • Rhonda Byrnes
  • People who think the weird things I do are at least a little bit funny.
  • Europe
  • France
  • Senioritis

Without all of these things, and in particular, Britney Spears, life would be cold, sad, and bitter.

Special shoutout to all the French people out there for just being what you are– rude, elitist and generally good-looking!

And to all the turkeys in the hizzouse… I’m really sorry. But better you than me.



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