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Whether You Like it or Not…

Today was a normal Wednesday. I woke up before the Georgia sun had risen to get to my 8 AM Computer Arts class, and then returned at 11 AM, ready for my nappy time. But before I drifted off to dream land, I went onto the World Wide Web to see what was going on. And there I found something potentially life-changing. Or at least really fucking exciting.

Ladies and gentleman,

whether you like it or not,

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is headed to Broadway this fall, starring John Cameron Mitchell.

Just let that sentence sink in. I’m not sure how to punctuate it correctly, because no amount of exclamation marks or use of bolding or italics can really get across how truly incredible this is.

I must have read the New York Post article three times before I gripped the reality of it. I swear that I nearly cried.

It’s been 12 years since Hedwig did it’s off-Broadway run, and 9 years since the film came out. JCM says that he literally quit acting for that amount of time because the role was just so demanding…so I’m not completely sure why he’s choosing to go back to it now, but I’m certainly thankful that he is.

The original director, David Binder, and producer are also returning, and the play itself is changing. Binder says:

One thought is to fashion a story line that has Hedwig playing a one-night-only gig at a Broadway house. The previous show hasn’t moved out yet, so Hedwig is scrambling around an old set.

Stephen Trask is even going to write some new songs for this production that are inspired by Hedwigs around the world, which is really interesting. No word yet if Miriam Shor will be returning to play Hedwig’s much abused husband, Yitzhak.

There is no doubt at all that I will be there. Be it from San Diego, or Savannah, I would travel across the world to see John Cameron Mitchell play Hedwig. I’m almost worried, because after this, what more reason will I have to live?

I feel like this whole post is coming off as kind of cold and not very enthusiastic, but I don’t know how to express my joy for this short of using the caps lock key. And that’s just obnoxious.

Since my birthday is next week, I’m going to take this as a personal gift from the Universe to me. Thank you, Universe. Thank you very much.

(But if anyone else wants to get me a more immediate gift, I’d really appreciate the complete series of OZ.)

Now it’s only a matter of waiting. Until fall. When I get to see









Bad Movies, Good People

If I am anything, I am a loyal fan. When I find some actor/filmmaker/artist/personality that I really like, I will do pretty much anything for that person. And by that, I mean seeing all the bad movies they’ve been in. I was just thinking about all my famous “friends”, and the absolute shit that I’ve sat through to see them (be it for one brief moment in a Hollywood blockbuster, or a starring role in an independent flop) and I thought I’d share some of them with you.

  • Band of the Hand

I saw this lost gem for that little guy in the yellow shirt and dyed hair. That, my friends, is baby John Cameron Mitchell. The film itself if an 80’s movie about a group of five troublemakers, who get the choice of living in the jungle for a bit, or going to jail. They choose the jungle, and learn all about themselves and each other. The Breakfast Club in nature. It obviously sucks. But JCM is so damn cute with his orange hair and painted on tattoos. If we continue The Breakfast Club analogy, then he was the Ally Sheedy character. I will leave you with a quote from a review someone posted on Netflix about this movie that I really enjoyed, “The scenery and photography is artistic and beautiful but not so artistic that it would be considered artsy.” That, ladies and gentleman, is the greatest thing said about any movie, ever. Too bad it was wasted on this piece of shit that no one has ever seen. Except for John Cameron Mitchell, John Cameron Mitchell’s mom, and me.

  • All the Queen’s Men

I’ve seen the most bad movies for my fave British, transvestite, comedian/actor Eddie Izzard (no offense to all the other British, transvestite comedian/actors out there). In his quest for legitimate acting gigs, I think he just took any role that came his way. And no one, no matter how desperate they are, should EVER take a film role opposite Matt LeBlanc. I explored All the Queen’s Men in more detail in this post.

  • Pecker

The only John Waters movie I didn’t like. The only John Waters movie that is just straight up bad. (Note: we have to judge JWat’s films on a different kind of scale, since all his movies are technically, “bad”.) It’s fairly dull, and nothing too exciting happens. A lot of fans hate everything post Desperate Living…but, people, after he got that studio money and mainstream support from Hairspray, he just couldn’t make movies like Pink Flamingos anymore, let’s be real. But, I feel like he managed to work a sort of “filth-lite” charm into other films like Serial Mom or Cecil B. Demented…this one just didn’t work out. The fake trashiness was forced, so that it seemed like someone trying to recreate what they think a John Waters movie should be. Oh, well. They can’t all be winners. And there is a good moment where Christina Ricci screams, “I HATE MODERN ART.” That’s cute.

  • Gunslinger’s Revenge

One of the most laughably bad movies I’ve ever seen. It stars Harvey Keitel, and is an Italian spaghetti western. And also featurs David Bowie. I won’t bore you with the plot (mostly because I can’t remember it) BUT ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW is that David Bowie, who plays the bad guy, utters the following statement to a barmaid: “You’re a lucky woman. I ain’t gonna kill you. Today, I’m just gonna rape you.” BAD MOVIE BLISS.

  • Hudson Hawk

For dear Richard E. Grant, star of Withnail and I. Unfortunately, this big-budget, Bruce Willis-starring, action/”comedy” was no where near similar to the beautiful subtley and British wit of Withnail. The Showgirls of action movies. And not in a good way. REG was cute as the villain with Sandra Bernhard as his partner in crime, though.

  • Say Uncle

And enter the Queer as Folk obsession. Peter Paige, the flamboyant Emmet from QAF, attempted the tricky trio of writing/directing/starring in this “dark comedy”, about a gay man who tries to work as a babysitter in a suburban neighbor, which ends up distressing the residents. Oh, Peter. Stay in front of the camera, my friend. It takes some skill to make a funny movie about supposed child molestation…

  • Particles of Truth

Another attempt by the QAF gang, this time starring the beautiful Gale Harold. (Isn’t Gale a really nice name?) Anyways, this suffers from the same delusion of Say Uncle, with firsttimer Jennifer Elster writing/directing/starring in the film opposite Gale. All I can remember is artsy shots of him shaving (which would definitely be “so artistic that it would be considered artsy”, and not in a good way) and her entering some kind of club and getting mauled by German Shepards and then being raped. I think it was about finding yourself, or some shit like that.

  • Holding Trevor

This was really disappointing, because it took years (literally) to be released on DVD, and once it was, I couldn’t even get through it. Starring the cutest boy in the world, Jay Brannan, it was billed as some kind of gay coming-of-age in the big city kind of thing. Not the most unique story in the world, but anything for my little, shaved, singer/songwriter. Long story short, I hated all the characters and didn’t give a shit about their identity crises. Not even Jay was enough to finish the movie. Why does all gay, independent cinema suck so bad? (That’s another post all together!)

And that’s just a sampling of some of the sucky-ass movies I seen for the people I love. And we didn’t even talk about The L Word gang, or Elizabeth Berkley’s Lifetime movies! . Why do I torture myself like this? I wish I knew. I just love collecting these bad movies, I suppose. And seeing these people move through their careers really touches me. I mean, look at Eddie Izzard now! From Matt LeBlanc to Tom Cruise!

Anyways, I suppose that the moral of this post is that I lack appropriate judgment skills, and will blindly be led by obsessions with people who will never know I exist to consume all of their work. Is that normal?

Now I really want to re-watch Queer as Folk.



Tonight I am going to dream about this Tweet

Do you think that there’s any way that I could still get an invite?

(I know that Josh hates posts like this but whateva.)


Our third essay in Composition is supposed to be ten to twelve pages long on the topic of “who is your inspiration, and how have they played in a part in you pursuing what it is that you are pursing?” (I’m sure that there’s a more elegant way to say that.)

It doesn’t necessarily have to be why you’re at SCAD – the professor clarified this after someone raised their hand and said, “But my muse is Jesus Christ” (I think I might have audibly LOLed) – but, that would probably play into it.

So I figured that I would make a list of possibilities that I have to choose from to help me narrow it down and get started.

John Cameron Mitchell

I think that we all know by now how I fee about JCM (and OMG how cute is he in that picture?!) and while I could definitely write twelve pages on him and and the pretend relationship that I like to imagine we have, I already wrote about him and Hedwig for my first essay.

John Waters

JWat is a fairly viable option for this. In fact, he might be the best option. He’s a strange little man with even stranger obsessions. However, it’s possible that I’ll be immediately expelled from the film program for citing him as inspiration. Besides, JWat left (read: was expelled for smoking pot in his dorm room) NYU, where he would have studied film, within his first month there in order to go out and make movies on his own.

Andy Warhol

SO FUCKING CLICHE I DON’T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. Plus, let’s be honest here. His movies are fucking boring.

Todd Solondz

I have always imagined that any movies I write/make would be closest in tone to those made by Mr. Solondz. I really don’t know much about him…maybe this is a good opportunity to learn more?

Eddie Izzard

Okay, now this has just become a list of people I like. But while we’re talking about Eddie, last night I watched his documentary BELIEVE: The Eddie Izzard Story. Now, I know that you’re thinking, “I luv Eddie, but why did this bitch need a documentary?” and I have to admit that I thought the same thing. But after watching it for free online (courtesy of EpixHD) I found it to be funny, sweet, and surprisingly touching. My favorite part? That Eddie missed the Emmy ceremony where he won two Emmy’s for Dressed to Kill, to be on location shooting All the Queens Men! LOLx1000!!

Britney Jean Spears

Similar to the person who asked about using Jesus Christ for their paper.

In conclusion…I don’t know who I’m going to choose. But I have a few weeks to figure it out.

Best Wishes,


Hedwig and the Angry Inch: A Reflection

As all you many, many frequent readers of Bosh With Elaine and Josh know, Josh and I have been hard at working putting on our very own production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  And since it has now come and passed, I think it mertis one long-ass post to wrap it up.

The first time I heard of Hedwig was in ninth grade when I was still coming down from my Rocky Horror high. So many people compare the two, that I added Hedwig to a long list of movies that I’d see eventually. The opportunity arose as I was sick and found the movie in the Comedy section of Blockbuster. I watched it when I went home, and I didn’t like it. Maybe it was the cold medicine or something, but it just didn’t mean anything to me. For whatever reason, I watched it again and fell in love. Suddenly everything clicked. I recognized myself in little Hansel – trapped in an oven of endless possibilties but limited means, and wanted to cry during “Origin of Love” because it so clearly expained the purpose for living. By the time it got to “Midnight Radio” when Hedwig was singing to the misfits, losers and rock and rollers, I knew that this was forever going to be my favorite movie.

I introduced it to Josh the night before he left to spend six weeks in Taiwan, and I ‘m not really sure how he felt about it. But as he left and I had the summer to myself, the research began. As I learned about John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask I became appreciative of Hedwig on another level because they had done exactly what it is truly my dream to do: musical to movie to cult phenomenom.

I can’t remember if producing the musical was my idea, or Josh’s, or a combination, but I know we agreed upon it the summer before sophomore year sitting in the little park by my house. Then some drunk twenty-somethings ran through the park and scared the shit out of us.

But I digress.

Through 10th and 11th grade we periodically spoke of it, but didn’t really focus on it. Then at the beginning of senior year we got serious. In September we got the rights and arranged to use the San Diego LGBT Center for three evenings in March . Then we set up auditions with people we met on Craigslist and through community college bulletin boards. We met some weird people and thankfully didn’t get murdered (which I hear is a possiblity when you invite people you meet on the Internet to your house or go to theirs), and unfortunatley…it just didn’t work out. We cancelled at the Center and had a serious talk at SMG about the prospects of Hedwig over California burritos.

It was looking grim and we were discouraged. It was already February and it was clear that we could never pull everything together by May. Josh suggested giving up (several times), but I knew that this was too important not to complete. Perhaps it had something to do with the passing of Prop 8, but I think it was mainly for the selfish reasons of wanting to finish something that I’d been dreaming about for going on three years. (Also I’d written about it in my college applications…)

So then we decided so scale way down and make it Josh, me, and a karaoke track for a very ghetto production sometime in May and the beautiful Scripps Ranch library.

Thankfully, Forrest and Rebecca agreed to help us out. Now there was a cast of three with Josh as Hedwig (this took some coaxing, but he eventually warmed to the idea), Forrest as the entire band (but specifically Skszp, the musical director), and Rebecca as Yitzhak. But as things got busy at school (and as we procrastinated) we arrived at the week before our scheduled performance fully unprepared.

We had costumes and the very limited required set pieces (including the ninety-three illustraions I drew which were to be projected during the entire show), but as for the acting and music…there was none of that.

So we worked hard for the next week to get our show ready for Monday May 4th.

And it sort of bombed. The projector was missing the correct cable, Hedwig’s wig fell off, an entire portion was forgotten, daylight poured through the glass doors, the lighting was nonexistent…

But everyone still clapped and was very nice to us about it. Luckily, Rebecca’s brother is besties with a lady in Scripps Ranch who owns a Performing Arts studio and she let us use it for our second show. We kept rehearsing and found Huy and Kevin to round out the necessary drum and piano sections of the music. And on May 16th, with an audience of about twenty, we put on a really good production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

The projections added another dimension to the story, the music sounded really good, we had a real lighting board, Josh did such a good job, everyone looked great…it just went so well.

I know that this whole thing was supposed to be for our Senior Exhibitions, but I feel like this was really our first great life accomplishtment. I don’t mean to  gush, but really I couldn’t be more proud of what we were able to do. Or more thankful to all the people who helped us. We’ve said it a thousand times, but they deserve repeating: Forrest, Rebecca, Thomas, Kevin, Huy, Angela, my Mom and Carl…it would have been impossible without you.

But there was one person that I forgot to thank when we took the microphone after the show and that would be Josh. I’m really glad that he didn’t give up, even though it would have been easier, and that he played Hedwig (which he really did so well). So thanks, Josh. Cause I couldn’t have done it on my own.

We’ll have pictures and video coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy this clip of “Sugar Daddy”:

And if you missed the show or you want to see it again…well, you never know when Hedwig will stop by Scripps Ranch again.

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