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Senior Year So Far

Loyal readers, I apologize for abandoning you for a week and two days. (I’m actually pretty impressed that we’ve had three comments from three unique post on the Spring Awakening post. People really liked that shit!)

So so far Senior Year is going pretty well. I am surprised that I have not yet developed a case of Senioritis. I’m only taking two academic classes, and only one that requires actual thinking. So it’s a pretty laid back year. But that why I’m scared that come the new year I won’t even won’t to be at school and will just be dreaming about college.

While by the way, I know nothing about.

Maybe I should start thinking about that?

I have a list of some schools that I would apply to…but I just don’t know. Bleh. I don’t want to talk about the c-word right now. (And I don’t mean the c-word that rhymes with “bunt”!)

May God Be With You,


Goodbye Yellow Brick Summer

I know that the title “Goodbye Yellow Brick Summer” makes zero sense, but I’m losing my sanity in the last few hours of summer.

I spend most of the summer making popcorn for fat people and then cleaning their trash as the movie theatre, but I guess it was okay, too. I saw four seasons of The L Word, and some other good movies, courtesy of Netflix.

I also saw Eddie Izzard. That was pretty much a highlight.

But I think that my favorite parts of the summer might have been driving around the ranch, blasting the Cats, Britney Spears or (of course) Elton John albums and singing along. Then going to the finest eatery in San Diego, Santana’s Mexican Grill and writing bizarre stories about Tim Curry and setting the record for sitting in there the longest.

So goodbye, (yellow brick) summer. Until we meet again.



Spring Awakening: A Relflection

The smash musical “Spring Awakening” has left it’s home on Broadway and is making it’s rounds among the culture capitals of these United States. Including San Diego! We were lucky enough to get tickets for a mere $32, which placed us three rows from the very tippy-top of the theatre (nose-bleeds, if you will).

I saw the play last summer in New York right after it won the Tony’s and was being called the “greatest new musical” and all that. And I didn’t like it. I didn’t have a real reason. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

I decided to see it again because I like to see everything twice. I haven’t fallen in love with most of my favorite movies until at least least the second viewing. I don’t know why. That’s just how I work. And since this play was so highly regarded by…everyone…I thought that it must be me that was the problem. But I haven’t had the opportunity for a second viewing until now.

But I can confirm, that while I don’t hate the play, I’m definitely not a fan.

The whole idea is that this a ground-breaking rock musical. And while I quite enjoy a good rock musical, this was not one of them. The musical interludes did not add to the story…but merely interrupted it. There would be a perfectly nice little after-school-special type vignette going on, and then all of a sudden it turns into a rock concert. The characters would literally pull a microphone from under their costume, or another character would walk across stage, drop a microphone stand in front of them, and continue on their way. It was cute for awhile, but by the second act I realized what it was: a gimmick. And so much of the play relied on gimmick: having audience members seated on stage, the play starting before the lights went out, cast members sitting among the audience, etc. And really, it was to disguise what the play itself was lacking: a good story, relatable characters, and any sense of dialogue.

I’m sure the that details of the “plot” are well known: coming-of-age of German youth in the late 1800’s during a time of severe repression. Mainly it deals with the budding sexuality of all the teens, which leads to two deaths, a sentence to reformatory school, and the further ruination of other lives.

I think that the  main appeal is that it’s just edgy enough for the mainstream to feel badass for liking it; but still safe enough to wear the t-shirt to school. (See: songs with naughty titles like “Totally Fucked” or OMG a live boob on stage!!!!!!)

And the other thing was that is was just so joyless. There’s times when a situation is just bad (say for instance…dying from a botched abortion) but why does that have to be in a teen-centric musical? Can’t it be a little more sex positive? A little less “if you have sex you will die”?  (That was the theme of the story, wasn’t it?)

The positives: the music and the actors. The music was pretty close to excellent. And all the young actors are obviously very talented.

So overall, I would rate it somewhere between “okay” and “basically bad”. People get so sucked into the hype and are so excited about seeing something branded subversive that they just want to love it too seem cool.

But whatever. Maybe it is brilliant. Maybe I’m just jaded because while people are getting so excited about seeing a boob for two seconds, I can just pop in Showgirls and see a lot more (and be more entertained and have had a much better time).

~ Elaine.

PS Maybe Josh will tell us his opinon?

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