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Merry Britmas!!

Can you believe it? It’s Britmas again! This year has gone by so quickly! Last Britmas, Josh and I were  handing out our Britmas cards together at Scripps Ranch High School, this year, we’re mailing our own cards across the country.

But this day isn’t about us. It’s about our Lord and Savior, Britney Jean Spears, who was born twenty-eight years ago on this day in the holy city of Kentwood, Louisiana.

Happy Birthday, Britney. May you be happy and in enjoyment of the immense success you’ve had this year with your new album and world-wide tour. Your twenty-eighth year will only bring more joy. But first, take a little break! You deserve it!

So Merry Britmas, everyone! And keep Britney in your heart always. She is the reason for the season, after all!

Happy Birthday, Eddie Izzard!!

Dearest Eddie,

Happy Birthday, baby Eddie. I love you. I miss you. We really haven’t spent much quality together recently. Sorry about The Riches. Tough break. But I liked it, so who cares what the masses say?!

Since we met back in ’05 you’ve grown so much, as a person and in your career. (At least I’m assuming you’ve grown as a person…we’ve never…really…met…). But look what you’ve gone from in these four years: little known cult favorite to starring in your on television show and acting next to Tom Cruise! It’s a far cry from All the Queen’s Men!

Anyways, Eddie, I know you’re a  busy boy so I’ll wrap this up. Thanks for always making me laugh and for coming to San Diego to visit me over the summer. Much luck with your future endeavors, and I pray that one day Diva 51 is released. Could I also ask you a favor? Please, please, please make another movie with Matt LeBlanc, you two a dream team! LOL, JK!! But what I really want is the “Stripped” CD/DVD to be released pronto!

Happy 47th!!




Happy Birthday Jesus!!

This is going to be one of those blog posts that are really short because really the whole message is in the title.

Alas, happy birthday Jesus! Finally the big 2008!

I hope Mary got you that Honda Prius you’ve been wanting!

I’m going to try to make a cake for you, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll bake you one when I get back from Mexico (and I’m sure Elaine will be glad to help).



(Readers: sorry if you’re on Christmas overload right now– four posts on Christmas is a lot!)


You might be aware that Josh and I are something of Britney Spears fans?

Well, today I read on my fave website,, that Brit will be celebrating her 27th birthday and release of Circus on Good Morning America! She’ll be performing, too! Of course, we have to wait until the holy day, December 2nd, but it will for sure be worth it.

Here is the terribly produced TV spot that they made:

How cute is she?? How much do you love it whens she asks “Now, how sweet is that?” And gives that really confused look like she’s really wondering exactly how sweet it is.

Ah, what a fine time to be a Britney Spears fan.

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