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A New J+E<3 Service!

You know J+E<3 as successful party planners, amateur filmmakers and witty bloggers. But get ready, because the team  now offers an all new chauffeur service!

Do you have a romantic night planned for your significant other*? Anniversary? Birthday? Or maybe it’s finally time to break-up? Well, surprise your loved one with an escort to your destination!

You and your date will be picked up in a beautiful 1994 Toyota 4Runner (Hunter Green**)!

Josh will be your driver and Elaine will be your attendant.

Amenities include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Romantic music
  • One (1) ice-cold soft drink per person
  • A snuggly blanket
  • Rose petals
  • A vase of flowers
  • Decorated car windows
  • A complimentary gift from Josh and Elaine

So why wait? Plan a romantic evening for you and your sweetheart, and don’t worry about driving! (Also works as a designated driver service!) Josh and Elaine will enthusiastically chauffeur you anywhere within San Diego county***.

To book J+E<3 Chauffeur Service, email

*Unlike the state of California, J+E<3 does not discriminate against same-sex couples and will gladly transport romantic partners or any gender (as long as they are willing to pay).

**Sorry, the color of the vehicle cannot be changed.

***But would prefer it be in the Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa area.


Pronunciation Mysteries

Today for the second time in a week someone spelled my name “E-l-l-a-i-n-e”. Is that the norm now? And I a one-“L”ed freak?

Or am I saying my name weird and  really over pronouncing the L?

I think that it’s strange to assume that there’s a double L in the first place, so I guess it’s not my problem but just the bad spellers problem.

Oh well. At least I don’t have a really weird and un-spellable name like Shilo (minus the typical H) or Nomi (which is just weird in general).

April 19th, 2009: Part III

Read Part I and Part II first!

As they readied the the stage for Britney, we anxiously waited and anticipated what was about to happen.

Make way for the Princess, now Queen of Pop!

Make way for the Princess, now Queen of Pop!

And then finally the lights went out. To quote Miss B, “I feel the adreniline running through my viens”. And then, a little man crawled through the stage. Literally little. He was, to be blunt, a midget. He was followed by clowns, jugglers, hula-hoopers and a barrage of other circus performers. The best/most death-defying act was two strong men who held a foam bar between them, and a lady jumped really high into the air and spun around before landing on the bar again.

I didn't get any pictures of the cool jumping lady, but here's the midget!

I didn't get any pictures of the cool jumping lady, but here's the midget!

After all the acts performed, they left the stage. It went dark. There was electricy flowing through the room. Suddenly, the lights went on. We did this:

(Yes, that is me screaming, “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!”)

But we were tricked because it was only Perez Hilton’s intro video, which I thought was really well done.

This is us watching the video, and then us watching Brit’s debut:

Look at those excited little faces!

She came out and did “Circus”. It was so beyond my wildest dreams. I know that it sounds weird, and it’s hard to describe, but the energy in the room, from Britney, from the fans, was really just incredible.

"Piece of Me"

"Piece of Me"

Everything was so amazing: the costumes, the set, the dancers…it was beyond perfection.

The stage was literally set up like a three-ring-circus and there were dancers and performers popping up from the floor or coming down from the ceiling.

The whole audience was on their feet the whole time dancing, singing and cheering. It was kind of like a huge dance party with Britney being the guest of honor!

"Boys" And that's our fave backup dancer, Tiana, in the background.

"Boys" And that's our fave backup dancer, Tiana, in the background.

Brit’s dancing was great, and whenever she changed costumes there was something going on. Either a video montage, or another circus-y performer. They took the time to introduce  all the dancers too, which was nice because they really deserved it.

"Me Against the Music" (Bollywood Remix)

"Me Against the Music" (Bollywood Remix)



It was also really cool that they even let us bring in our digital cameras. I had to put mine away eventually though because I wanted to watch Britney and be in the moment. But I still got a lot of good pictures.

One of my favorite parts was “Breathe on Me” and “Touch of My Hand” where Britney was blindfolded and was lifted into the air by riding on two humans:

"Breathe on Me"

"Breathe on Me"

"Touch of my Hand"

"Touch of my Hand"

We were screaming, “Don’t drop her!” during that part.

The best part of the concert was that the whole time Britney was smiling and she looked like she was genuinely having fun and enjoying herself. Like she says, “The dance floor is my stage.”

"Slave 4 U"

"Slave 4 U"

We recently talked to someone who said that she didn’t like Britney because, “She is clearly a messed up person.” And even the most hardcore Britney fan can’t deny that she’s had her fair share of issues. But that’s part of what makes her a superstar! She overcame her problems, and she’s still working on them, but this is the life she choose to live because she is passionate about performing and passionate about music and dancing. And in the end, she really put on a show.

"Womanizer" Encore

"Womanizer" Encore

Utter amazement.

Utter amazement.

The concert was so much fun, and more than that, it was really beautiful to see a little girl from Kentwood, Louisiana up on stage living her dream. And all the thousands of people who were supporting her.

It’s was also very surreal to have been talking about and obsessing over Britney for the past year and finally see her do her thang in person, and I’m so happy that we had the opportunity to go.

And now, I’ll wrap up this giant post. While we were waiting for Britney, Virgin Mobile (the tour sponsor) gave a number that you could text a message to. I texted one, but it never showed. I wrote:

I wouldn’t want to celebrate Britmas with anyone but my best friend Josh.


So in conclusion, thanks, Josh. For being as weird as me and lying to your mom so that we could go see Oghr and Terrance and staying home from school back in December to buy the tickets. But most of all, thanks for giving Blackout chance back when I burned it for you in October of ’07.



I think we’re Obsessed!

So after seeing The Circus starring Britney Spears, it’s hard to believe that there is any more reason to live.

Fortunately for us (and you), Beyoncé and Ali Larter have provided us with a much anticipated work of art: OBSESSED. (watch the trailer below)

Now, I personally love movies about erotomania, even though I’ve only seen one before. Called “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” it follows a crazed woman as she single-handedly destroys the life of a man she thinks is in love with her. This French film starring Audrey Tautou is quite the cult hit at Scripps Ranch High School:

(Sorry that trailer sucks balls– nothing ever translates well from French.)

Actually, come to think of it, these two movies are basically the same. But does “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” feature a catfight between Ms. B and Ali???


And I hate to say it, but Audrey Tautou is hardly as sassy as Beyoncé or Ali Larter.

So be ready to be Obsessed!

Elaine and Josh… Moving on Up!

Here is a compilation of all of the fame we are getting because of our Britney shirts and posters– they really love us!

AMP 97.1FM: The infamous video in which Elaine and Josh are the stars, even receiving a singing solo near 1:06.

KIIS FM: If you clicked on that link, go all the way to photo 92 of 153 to see Elaine and Josh in all their glory!!! They were featured in this KIIS FM photo album.

(Or if you’re sick of clicking 92 times, simply just look at that exact picture below.)

But don’t worry loyal Bosher’s, we promise not to forget you as we climb the ladder to fame.

Peace Motherfuckers,


April 19, 2009: Part II

Read Part I first!

After getting out of the Convention Center, Josh’s LA-living sister drove us back to the train station. We had to run, but made it to our train on time. Since we were running late, we had to buy our tickets on board, which meant that we had to pay extra. But thanks to the precocious and annoying law student sitting across from us, we only had to pay half of the added fee. Thanks precocious and annoying law student!

We arrived in Anaheim around 5:50, and made some signs for Brit.


I should also take this time to mention the shirts that we I made. Here’s the back:


The front of Josh’s shirt said “Cold as Fire” and mine said “Hot as Ice”. You know…like Brit’s song “Hot as Ice”.

So after we made our signs at the train station, we walked to the Honda Center and ate at a nearby Rubio’s.  I can safely say that 95% of our fellow diners were headed to the concert, too. There was a group of girls with “Team Britney” shirts, and a lot of coke-whorish looking ladies (I say that lovingly!) with platinum blond hair and high heels.

Isn’t it funny how we can go from the horror freaks at Fangoria to Britney fans?

After our fish tacos, we completed our pilgrimage to the Honda Center. We got stopped by three different radio station employees for pictures and videos. We made it into this little compilation video around 1:06!

At the security check point they made us give up our signs, so we were glad that we didn’t put too much effort into them.

Once inside the Mecca that is the Honda Center, we got into the ridiculously long merch line, and got another set of matching t-shirts (number 24!) and some damn cool Britney dog tag necklaces!

Finally we got so our wonderful seats which were SO CLOSE to the stage! Srsly! We probably couldn’t have thrown anything to the stage, but we definitely could have launched something with a rubber band. But we would never disgrace her majesty Britney like that during a performance.

At 8:00, the Pussycat Dolls took the stage. Holla! I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much (I don’t even know all their names). But they did put on a good show! They sang “Don’t Cha”, “Buttons”, “Stickwichu”, “Jai Ho”, “When I Grow Up”…and probably something else that I can’t remember.



That's Kimberly on the left. She's our favorite.

That's Kimberly on the left. She's our favorite.

After they finished their set, we had to wait. The stage crew set everything up for Brit.

Waiting in antici...pation.

Waiting in antici...pation.

We also met Lisa, the drunk self-described “old-hag” sitting next to us. She continued to grind up on Josh throughout the night.

I’ll cover Brit’s entrance and the show in the next post!

April 19th, 2009: Part I

April 19th, 2009 was a day of epic proportions. For this was the day that Josh and I finally got to see the legendary Miss Britney Spears in concert.

It was an all day adventure with it’s high and low points, and I will carefully document it in three parts. We recorded a video, too, so we’ll add that later.

The story actually starts the night before, when Josh called me and said that his mommy wasn’t okay with him driving us the short two hours to Anaheim. She suggested that she drive us. This was a problem for two reasons 1) it’s totally LAME and 2) we were secretly planning on going to Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors at the LA Convention Center to see Darren Lynn Bousman, Bill Mosley, Oghr and Terrance Zdunich of our new favorite movie REPO! The Genetic Opera before going to the concert.

Josh was able to convince his mom to let us take the train up, and then she would meet us in Anaheim and take us home after the concert. He had an online French class in the morning, so we had to wait to take the 12:34 train to LA, which would get there at 2:40 and give us plenty of time to get to the 3:15 REPO! panel. Right? Wrong.

Us happy on the train before we leanred of the conflict ahead.

Us happy on the train before we leanred of the conflict ahead.

The muhfuckin train had some kind of problem, and at 2:40 we were stranded somewhere between Anaheim and Fullerton. We didn’t get to LA until 3:30, and then we had to get a taxi over the the Convention Center. After spending 25 dollars on Fangoria tickets, we saw the last ten minutes of the REPO! panel. They were going to sign autographs afterwards, but we stupidly wandered to the exhibitors hall to wait for them when in reality, they were, of course, actually just signing in the same room as the panel. By the time we figured that out, the line was too long and we didn’t have enough time to wait before making the 5:10 train back to Anaheim.

I should also mention that as we were heading back to the original room, we awkwardly passed Bill Mosley who was walking to his next event. He may or may not have heard me singing “Chase the Morning”, and definitely saw us staring as him.

So that was kind of dissapointing. But at least we got to be the same room as Terrance and his voice for ten minutes.

Darran, Terrance, Bill, Oghr. (Why does Terrance glow like that?)

Darren, Terrance, Bill, Oghr. (Why does Terrance glow like that?)

Glowing Terrance, Drinking Bill and Ohgr

Glowing Terrance, Drinking Bill and Ohgr

Stay tuned folks, you don’t want to move folks, cause there’s more excitement coming! In the next post, you will read about, our trip to see Britney!

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