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I Bought a New CD

I have a disease where I don’t like new music. I just don’t.  Usually I just stick with an artist that I like and add another CD to the rotation (and sometimes I never listen to it (I’m talking to you, David Bowie’s Heathen!).

But I’ve been meaning to listen to Jay Brannan for a long time, and I have to recommend him to anybody with ears.

His new (well, relatively. It came out in July) CD is called Goddamned and it is so good. I haven’t stopped listening to it.

Naturally, you’re familiar with Jay from the film Shortbus where you’ll remember him as Ceth.


And of course, you’ll remember the song “Soda Shop” from the film.

Well, I just want to urge everyone to purchase Goddamned and to keep an eye out for Jay Brannan because he is going far. He has such a beautiful voice, and although his songs are on the mellow-er side, the lyrics are sharp and witty. I don’t really know how to review music, so all I can do is reiterate how much I love this CD. He’s truly taleneted (not to mention adorable).

Anyways, why not check out his music and then buy his CD?


Seriously…how can you deny that beautiful boy?!

Best wishes,


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