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My New BFF, Jay Brannan <3

It’s true. Jay Brannan and I are tight. You know…Jay Brannan…the independent singer/songwriter and one of the stars of Shortbus?

After buying his newest album, In Living Cover, and listening to it a million times (approximately) I decided to send him an e-mail just because…why not?

And today, less than one month later, he responded!!

I feel so special! He must get hundreds of stupid e-mails like the one I sent him, but he took time out of his day to respond to me.

Here is a screen-shot of our correspondence, just for proof that he really did e-mail me (click to enlarge):

Do you see that?!? He used my name, a smiley face, and two exclamation marks!!!!

I love you, Jay Brannan. I can tell you one thing: you have guaranteed yourself a lifelong fan.

But, ohmygod, so embarrassing!! I just noticed that in the e-mail I told him that I liked his album In Living COLOR…it’s def called In Living COVER…I hate myself! He must hate me! I can’t believe that this is how Jay and I are staring our friendship!!

Maybe he didn’t notice? I clearly didn’t notice when I typed it…PLEASE FORGIVE ME, JAY!


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