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What Elaine and Josh will be doing on Saturday.

I’m sure you’re curious how we’ll be spending our weekend, so I’ll be more than happy to tell you.

The Lifetime TV network is having a special marathon this weekend titled “Love Gone Wrong” where they’re showing only the best quality movies where, well, love goes wrong.

None other than our favorite actress in the whole world, Elizabeth Berkley (no offense, Jessica Harper!), will be staring in a movie called Dark Beauty. Here is the riveting plot description:

Starring Elizabeth Berkley
A businessman thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he meets the woman of his dreams. But when he learns that her previous spouses died under mysterious circumstances, he begins to wonder if she’s actually his worst nightmare.

Sounds like a true masterpiece. It starts at 1 PM Pacific Time. Support Elizabeth and watch it!



PS On Lifetime’s website, they have a wonderful gallery called “Elizabeth Berkley: Through the Years”. They’re all beautiful photos of Elizabeth moving through the different stages of her career, but this one is my favorite:


What do you think they talked about?? Do you think that Elizabeth gave Meryl any acting tips?


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