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Things that Annoy Me at the Moment

  1. That Wake 1 is won’t turn off on my alarm clock and that every day around 11 it starts to beep loudly. I can’t turn the actual alarm setting off. Wake 2 is fine. But Wake 1 is just being a little bitch. What I need to do is unplug the actual alarm clock to make it go away, but it’s too much work to have to move the bed to get to the outlet and then have to reset the clock.
  2. That the Internet magically shuts off at 2 AM every day. That’s when I need the Internet most!
  3. That all the bananas in this house, while deceivingly unbruised on the outside, are squishy and gross on the inside.
  4. That there’s a giant glitter explosion in the carpet of my room because I didn’t take the proper glitter precautions before I used it.
  5. That I get really excited when I see a notification on Facebook, only to find that someone who I barely know has challenged me to a quiz to identify the Disney characters.
  6. That the bunnies that live in the backyard have become fearless – they don’t even flinch anymore when they hear the door open. Where’d they get this sense of entitlement?
  7. That Jay Brannan’s new album is just covers with barely any original stuff. (But I’ll buy it anyways).
  8. That the credit card that pays for my Netflix account has expired so I have to enter new information.
  9. That my brand new MacBook has decided not to connect to the Internet under any circumstances.
  10. Britney’s New Candie’s ad…was all the photoshopping really necessary? And WTF is up with all the horses?
  11. That I didn’t get off the Emerson waitlist. Whateva.
  12. That the B logo on my Britney dog tag has somehow been rubbed off.
  13. That Josh’s new dog sheds even more than either of my dogs and that I now I have white fur everywhere.
  14. That our new hectic schedule leaves no time for my new found hobby of heat yoga.

Umm…I think that’s it right now. Sorry for my auora of negativity.


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