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First Circus-versary!

Exactly one year ago today, April 19th, 2009, Josh and I were blessed to attend The Circus: Starring Britney Spears in Anaheim, California. Can you believe that it’s been a year since the concert? It really does feel like yesterday. Kind of.

In case you’re wondering, nothing ever came of our radio exposure, unfortunately.  But if you remember our other experience on April 19th, the failed attempt to see the cast of REPO! The Genetic Opera at the Fangoria convention, that was resolved many months later, when we went to a midnight screening of REPO! in San Diego, and sat next to Alexa Vega.

But back to Brit. The Circus was, by far, the best concert I’ve ever been to (no offense, Neil Diamond!). In terms of the enthusiasm of the crowd, and the performance itself, a Britney Spears concert really can’t be beat.

So happy First Circus-versary! May many more follow, and may we have the luck to see Britney Spears, live again one day.


The Tale of P. Heaton

I need to address something.

For quite a while now, the search term that most people have used to find Bosh With Elaine and Josh is “patricia heaton”, or some variation, including: patricia heaton+ sexy, patricia heaton pics, patricia heaton see through, etc.

I am extremely disturbed by this trend for two reasons. Mainly  because Patricia Heaton is an inconsiderate bitch, and secondly, she really isn’t that sexy.

When Josh and I attended Comic Con 2009, we experienced her cuntiness live and in person.

You see, we were so excited to see Ms. Heaton that we even decorated Josh’s car for her. She was going to be there to promote her upcoming family sitcom, “The Middle”. (I still can’t figure out why Comic Con was an appropriate venue for this.)

"Pheat is Phat"

"P. Heaton or Bust"

Then we got inside and luckily found out that not only was she screening her TV show…she was also signing autographs!

We got into line and anxiously waited to have a few blessed moments with Pat.

Patricia, Josh, and Elaine

She was nice enough when we spoke to her, and Josh even made her laugh. (Although I can’t remember what it is that he said now.)

We planned the rest of our day around the screening of her show. Now that we were personal friends with her, we HAD to be at the screening, not like we weren’t planning to before anyways, but now we had a relationship to maintain!

The screening was off the grounds of the the Convention Center, so we hauled our giant-ass Harry Potter bags full of free shit over to the nearby hotel ballroom and found seats, ready for P. Heaton. We were given bags from Mom Logic filled with pudding and cartoons.

It was time. The anticipation grew. Everybody was getting tense. Some lady walked up to the podium, clearly to introduce Patricia Heaton. Instead, she claimed that Pat was stuck on the floor of Comic Con and couldn’t get to the screening.

How is this even possible?! Clearly, people would have made way for PATRICIA HEATON, star of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and the Albertson’s commercials, had she simply said, “Excuse me,” and gently nudged her way through the crowd!

However, as the lights dimmed and we watched the pilot of “The Middle”…it became clear what Pat decided not to show up. The show was pretty shitty.

And she didn’t even look sexy in it.

And that is why I hate Patricia Heaton, and why it is so ironic that she is currently the main search term that is getting people here. But if your masturbatory fantasies did get you here looking for Patricia Heaton induced orgasms, could you please spend a moment in the comment section explaining her appeal? Because I just don’t get it. And did you know that she’s a conservative, pro-life Christian?

Oh, and as for the person who got to this blog with the search term “what does a bleach stain look like on a black t-shirt”, it looks like this:

My New BFF, Jay Brannan <3

It’s true. Jay Brannan and I are tight. You know…Jay Brannan…the independent singer/songwriter and one of the stars of Shortbus?

After buying his newest album, In Living Cover, and listening to it a million times (approximately) I decided to send him an e-mail just because…why not?

And today, less than one month later, he responded!!

I feel so special! He must get hundreds of stupid e-mails like the one I sent him, but he took time out of his day to respond to me.

Here is a screen-shot of our correspondence, just for proof that he really did e-mail me (click to enlarge):

Do you see that?!? He used my name, a smiley face, and two exclamation marks!!!!

I love you, Jay Brannan. I can tell you one thing: you have guaranteed yourself a lifelong fan.

But, ohmygod, so embarrassing!! I just noticed that in the e-mail I told him that I liked his album In Living COLOR…it’s def called In Living COVER…I hate myself! He must hate me! I can’t believe that this is how Jay and I are staring our friendship!!

Maybe he didn’t notice? I clearly didn’t notice when I typed it…PLEASE FORGIVE ME, JAY!

Because a post is long overdue…

Hey Boshers,

Who knew college was so hard? But now that I’ve finally finished my last midterm of the week (I still have another midterm and two papers due next week and I also have an 9AM class tomorrow, but WTH, I feel like writing today!), I have time to come to Bosh and let you know about my life in Harlem.

I guess these first 8 weeks or so have been tough for me to blog because I’ve been feeling generally uninspired to do anything– uninspired to write, join clubs, get a job, eat decent meals, exercise, sing, draw, compose music, doodle, and at times even uninspired to do homework. But for some reason, this week I feel on top of everything (most likely because of my discovery of the beauty of Google Calendars) and I’ll be starting work soon hopefully and everything will be on track. In fact, today, I thought of two songs I wanted to do vocal arrangements for (in addition to Britney’s discography), recommenced work on the “Showgirls: The Opera” libretto, mulled a theme in my mind for a potential play, and I even finished all my homework according to my schedule.

I guess it could be described as beautiful.

Of course, I’m not going to finish any of those things, but the fact that I’m thinking about them again is promising. And better yet, I don’t have class tomorrow evening like I always do, so this is going to be a relaxing Thursday!

Since I’ve been gone for so long, I have no idea where I’m going with this post… there are so many things I want to talk about but they all require their own posts and I don’t think I have the stamina to write 20 posts in one night. So I’ll focus on what I did just two nights ago, Monday, a little more than 48 hours ago.

The day started off pretty bland. I sat in my room and did homework. I’m pretty sure I ate EasyMac for breakfast and Cup Noodle for lunch.

But that night, after doing extensive research, I decided to go down to the Village near NYU (I am really jealous of their area) for a haircut. All of the SuperCuts in the City had gotten bad reviews on Yelp and Citysearch and I found this local place called “Astor Place Barbershop”. Plus, I was planning on going down there for a book signing that Augusten Burroughs was doing at a nearby Barnes & Noble.

The barbershop was so ghetto that I walked right past it the first time. There wasn’t even a store front– there was just a sign on the side of a bank that said to go down these wide stairs for the barbershop. I walked down the stairs, and I saw on the door that they had a karaoke bar. That’s really strange for a barbershop. After opening the door, I was greeted by a huge basement barbershop that almost seemed to inhabit the entire underground of the city. I was directed somewhere to the left and straight into the chair of a woman named Suzy. I told her what I wanted and she was done within 10 minutes. However, I wasn’t specific enough and she gave me a slightly different hairstyle, but I’ve been subconsciously wanting to try something new, so maybe Suzy was just reading my subconscious. The whole shebang only cost me $15 and I tipped Suzy $5. It was fucking glorious.

After my cut, I met up with the friend I had come down to the Village with (she wanted to meet up with a high school friend) and the three of us walked the 6 blocks up to Union Square. Nothing really too impressive about the square itself except for all the people and the good shopping surrounding it. We walked into the Barnes & Noble, which was really unassuming from the front, but it turns out that it’s 4 stories and massive. When we got to the 4th level where Augusten was supposed to be reading and signing, it was already packed. There were perhaps 100 people seated in the front, and then another 100 that were forced to stand in the back. Not a bad audience huh Mr. Burroughs?

He read an excerpt of his new book “You Better Not Cry” and at the end even answered some questions. For you Burroughs fans (which is really just Elaine), he revealed that “Dry” has been optioned to become a TV series! I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. Someone also asked him what his next book was about, but he couldn’t tell us. He did confirm that it was already in the works and mostly finished. He even has another book in progress but he said that that one will most likely be shitty.

We had to wait in a long-ass line after the reading to get our books signed and we ended up waiting 3 hours. But it was worth it I guess since when I told him that my name wasn’t Elaine (they had written down our dedication names on post-its before going up to him to speed up the whole process) he sassily retorted, “I know!”. And then when I told him that Elaine was the person who introduced me to his work and that she’s read every single book of his several times (both are true), he said, “well that’s awesome, I really hope she enjoys it!”.

Well here is the photo that is the culmination of all these events:

Augusten and Josh

Augusten and Josh-- new besties.

Notice the haircut, the author, and the autograph book.

I’d say it was a night well spent.

Brush with Fame, Episode 1.

In this popular feature of our blog, we will share the stories that define our lives: our interactions with celebrities. The first tale we will tell is one very close to our hearts: Tim Curry.

At the end of April we were informed that, “that guy from that weird transvestite alien movie that you guys like is going to be at the LA Festival of Books”. Our first thought was, “which weird transvestite alien movie? That’s half of the movies we like!” Once we narrowed it down to being “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, and the doctor himself, Tim Curry, we knew we had to go.

The LA Festival of Books was a two day fair that featured many authors, actors, and activists (there were actually no activists that we remember; we just added it for flow). They were there to promote their material and meet fans. Luckily for us, we live close enough to Los Angeles that it was no problem to convice someone to take us.

On April 28, 2008, we enter the LA Festival of Books with the explicit purpose of meeting Tim Curry.

But the thing was, Tim Curry is not an author. It turns out that he was going to be interviewing John Landis, who was no author that we had heard of either. A quick Wikipedia search lead us to the finding that John Landis is an American film director responsible for “The Blue Brothers”, “An American Werewolf in London”, “Animal House”. and more. However, neither of us had seen any of these movies, so we still just wanted TC. Anyways, it turns out that someone had written a biography of John Landis and for no explainable reason, they chose Tim Curry to interview both John Landis and the author of the book.

We passed the day away waiting, eaiting frozen lemonade, getting free Bibles, and seeing Harry Winkler read his new children’s book aloud.

Finally, it was time. We waited in front of Tim Curry’s stage for about an hour to make sure we got front row seats. And then. There he was. Well, it wasn’t really his time to come on. He just walked in front of the stage to get back to the backstage area. But still, we caught a glimpse of him.

We were sitting next to a lady who very luckily for her had both an “An American Wereworld in London” and a “RHPS” tattoo. Can you imagine how happy she was when she found out that Tim was going to interview John?

But then it really was time for Tim to come out. The interview was nice enough and lasted about an hour. He even spoke about himself a few times and mentioned his infamous role. A memorable moment was when Tim opened it up to questions from the audience:

Creepy Audience Member Speaking to John Landis: I show your film, “Innocent Blood” to everyone who comes to my apartment.
Tim Curry (interuppting): Do you ever get laid?

The audience member was shamed. By Tim Curry. That’s embarrassing.

So after the interview, John Landis stuck around to sign copies of his book. But that sneaky Tim Curry was literally rushed offstage by a body guard and ran into a golf cart and was quickly driven away.

It was an honor to be in his presence.

Here is a photo we took of him on that day. Please pay special attention to the bleach stain on his shoulder.

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