Things that remind me that I’m in the South

Sometimes I’m just sitting in my dorm room or walking to class and I forget that I’m deep in the Georgian south. But there are always little things that are jump out and remind me because they are so different from San Diego.

  1. Confederate flag bumper stickers
  2. That all the cafeteria workers call me “baby”
  3. There are restaurants that have smoking sections (inside!)
  4. The sight of cockroaches (mostly squished, dead ones)
  5. Spanish moss hanging over the streets
  6. Humidity
  7. The un-ironic use of “y’all”
  8. Actual southern accents
  9. Periods of rain that last for more than ten minutes
  10. That biscuits and gravy and grits are always on the breakfast menu
  11. That people judge me when I say that it’s cold
  12. That you can get fired for being gay!
  13. That even my art school is fairly conservative
  14. That Southern Charm exists — people always smile at you on the street

As a bonus: Things That Remind Me That I’m in a Small Town

  1. There is only ONE Starbucks!
  2. The mall is far away
  3. I can walk downtown
  4. It is an exciting day when you go to Target
  5. Errbody knows your shit. (Well, I don’t know anybody’s shit and I don’t think anybody knows mine, but I’m just making an assumption here.)

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