Paranormal Activity

No, this post will not be about the new film of the same title, but rather about something that has happened in our own lives which is perfectly summed up by the phrase “Paranormal Activity”.

Last night Forrest, Nishita, Josh and I were iChatting:

There we are! Don't we look happy?

There we are! Don't we look happy?

After about an hour, Josh left, and then iChat started freaking out. First, it did this:

Video Snapshot of maraudngplatypus-3-1

That scary picture of Josh is the one that remained on the screen even after he had signed off. But it did that weird thing in the middle where Nishita would be. (Oh, and Forrest just turned his sephia effect on, it didn’t do that.)

Then it just died, and when Nishita would invite us back, it would just immediately die again.

So, after a few times of Nishita inviting us and it dying, the most horrifying thing I’ve ever witnessed happened.

She invited me and Forrest, and it just never showed a video of her. It was just a still picture. On Forrest’s side, there was also a still picture. BUT NOT OF HIM. It displayed an error message and I was trapped. Alone with still-Nishita and not-Forrest.

Here is the photographic evidence:

Video Snapshot of kneeshetah

WTF????? Can anybody explain what has happened?!? Clearly, that individual is NOT FORREST. But why did he pop up when Nishita invited Forrest? It is clearly a human being, and it kind of looks like he’s in a dorm room, too. And why is his face so close to the camera!?!

This has been plaguing us since last night and I think that we all had nightmares. Can someone explain this paranormal activity??


1 Response to “Paranormal Activity”

  1. 1 person with too much spare time. October 27, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    the person on the right looks like nishita…. zoomed in. ew.

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