Hey, Obama: Equality We Wanna!

On Sunday, October 11, 2009 Josh and I met in our nation’s capitol to march for LGBT equality with a few hundred, thousand other people.

This march had been planned for awhile, and I really wanted to go, but being in Savannah, Georgia made it kind of problematic. On Friday the 9th, I saw a Facebook status advertising an empty car seat, and I jumped at the chance to go, despite not really knowing the person offering or the people I was going with. That evening, I was in a car with three new friends embarking on our ten hour, all night drive. We were going as a part of SCAD’s Queers and Allies club, and another girls in the club is from Virginia, so she offered her house as a place to stay.

However, I only stayed there one night because on Saturday I was able to meet up with Annu (who goes to George Washington University) and Josh, who was able to take a four and a half hour bus down to D.C. This constituted the first leg of our J+E<3 Reunion Tour (with it’s next planned event being the weekend of November 20th in NYC). The three of us spent Saturday together, and after failing to find a cuhrazyy D.C. party go to, Annu took us on a tour of the monuments at midnight, which was pretty cool. We got back to her dorm around 2ish and Josh and I made a fort under the covers of the bed we were sharing and passed messages by typing them into the text message field of my cell phone – until we decided that that was just overly ambitions and instead went into the hallway to talk for a few hours with Annu. It was nice to be around people that you have a history with again.

Oh, wait. I forgot to mention that we went by the White House during the day and guess who we saw outside?? BO OBAMA GOING ON A WALK!!! Yeah, for real.

The next morning we got some coffee and Josh and I headed off to try to find my SCAD group, which ended up being impossible because of the many, many people that were there. But luckily, we were able to meet up with Emily!

We went to two Prop 8 rallys back in San Diego…but this one was a bit more of a big deal. There were literally people from every state and people who were straight and gay and everything in-between and just a lot of people who were coming together for something that was important to them, which is always pretty cool to see and be apart of. The march led up to the lawn of the capitol building where the rally started. There were many speakers from celebrities, to politicians and just to normal people. They focused a lot on youth also, which was nice. And of course, we were excited to hear from Cynthia Nixon, Michelle Clunie (aka Melanie from Queer as Folk!!) and, of course, Lady Gaga (please notice, by the way, that baby Lady Gaga has to stand on a box to look normal-sized at the podium)!

Anyways, what else can be said? This is obviously an important issue – to us, this generation, and just to human beings in general. If we have to march again, I’ll be there.

It was nice to get to be around Josh again, too. I haven’t been able to talk about Tim Curry for a whole month.

10535_1188734392563_1054410163_30599877_1552976_n(Photo stolen from Emily Rutherford.)

(The title of this post, by the way, refers to my favorite rally chant that we heard. It was actually performed by some overly-ambition marchers who were chanting it while walking to the starting point of the march.)


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