It’s Hard Out Here for a BS Fan

I’m sitting here in Josh’s room helping him pack for college. Well, I’m not helping. I’m writing this. Anyways, we’re blasting the Britney (like always) and Josh commented that it was too bad that he won’t be able to do this in college anymore.

“What? Pack your clothes?” I questioned.

“No you stupid bitch! Pump Britney!” He screamed.

“Why????” I innocently asked.

“BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL THINK I’M A FREAK YOU RETARDED MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!”  He shouted as he choked me to death.

Okay, well, that’s a bit of a dramatization of the scene, but that’s the basic rundown. And then we discovered a strange fact.

There is nothing more mainstream in music or just popular culure in general than Britney Jean Spears. Yet if someone walked into your dorm room while you were  blasting “…Baby One More Time”, they would really think that you were a freak. Yet, if you were playing some alternative band that no ones heard of, you’re automatically hip. It’s confusing.

For the most part, we go the more …I don’t want to say “indie”, but I can’t think of another word…”not mainstream”, I guess,  route when it comes to other aspects of pop culture, and I guess that that’s what makes our obsessively genuine love for Britney even more disarming. I think a lot of people think that we’re being ironic when we talk about Brit so much, but as loyal readers will know, we’re for real.

And that’s why it’s so subversive for us to like Brit. A couple of weird teenagers that tend to hate everything else mainstream. Are we just buying into the marketing of Britney, or are we SO alternative that we like something totally mainstream making it alternative again?

I don’t know. It’s a mystery. All I know is that I already have my Brit pics all ready to collage over my bed. Judge me all you want, bitches, but I know in my heart the goodness that is Britney Spears.


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