Netflix Really Gets Me

Netflix has always assumed that I’m a 30 year old gay man based on my rental history, and has always recommeneded me movies in that light. Fine with me, because for the most part I have the same interests as a 30 year old gay man. But now Netflix is getting to know me on a whole new level.

While they used to just have a “Movies You’ll Love” section that would say things like: “You’ll love Mommie Dearest because you loved Showgirls“, they’re going way deep into my psychology now. They look at common themes in all the movies I’ve rented (or can now FINALLY Instant Watch on my Mac!!) and show me movies that there’s now way I can’t love.

It’s almost frightening how deep of a character study this is, and I think I’m learning more about myself than I ever have before. Thanks, Netflix.

Here’s the screen caps of my Netflix homepage just so that you can understand how specific they’re able to make their recommendations to my interests:

Picture 1Picture 3

I love Goofy Independent Satires! No Goofy Studio Satires for me! And I didn’t even know that “Violent Gay & Lesbian” was a genre…but it sounds like something I would enjoy!


1 Response to “Netflix Really Gets Me”

  1. 1 Emily July 10, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    I am deeply, deeply entertained by the fact that “violent gay & lesbian movies” is a genre.

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