I’m really sorry for this post.

So I apologize in advance for writing this because here on Bosh we have an unwritten law that says we’ll never talk about anything serious (outside of the realm of Britney Spears’ vagina) and I’m warning you, I’m about to drop a really serious word. But don’t worry, I promise you there’s something frivolous awaiting. Here’s the serious word:


Oh God. I said it.

For some reason, I was on the “STOP ABORTION” cause message boards on Facebook when I found a really interesting topic called “Exceptions to Abortion”. Of course the die hard Pro-Lifers were really ragging on this poor woman who was conflicted and didn’t really know if she was Pro-Life or Pro-Choice because she believed in both. So I read through a couple of them and of course I read some really ridiculous posts, but this one was so ridiculous that no one even acknowledged her in any of the future posts. For context, this post was in response to the poor woman proposing that there be an exception for young girls, those as young as the age of 12, who are physically and emotionally incapable of raising children. So here it is, word-for-word, with some commentary by me at the end.

Parents give there children the tools they need to handle any situation. Is it ideal? no. but could she handle it? yes. Look at old times. they taught there boys to hunt when they were little, girls to help raise there siblings when they were little. Go to a foreign country and you will see really young girls raising there siblings because their parents have died. I was in Rwanda and saw a little girl of about seven with a baby on her back. Children have an amazing ability to learn and adapt. There are kids all over the place doing it everyday. I think we give our kids a huge disservice by telling them that they can’t do something. We are raising lazy children in this country. I tell my kids they can do anything if they work hard for it. When I got pregnant my family banded together and gave me love and support and answered questions if I had any. It sucks that some parents rather than helping her daughter raise a child they would tell her to abort. How sad. Why not love our kids unconditionally and as a family help each other out! We as a nation have become soooo selfish.

Holy shit. Do I even need to say anything? I guess I’ll respond with some questions:

  • What are old time? Are you talking prehistoric?
  • Why wasn’t I taught how to hunt when I was little?
  • Am I lazy because I don’t want to raise a child at the moment?
  • Do I really need to travel to a foreign country to see girls with dead parents?
  • Maybe that little Rwandan girl was just taking the baby for a walk?
  • How could a little Rwandan girl breastfeed a baby?
  • Telling a kid they can’t do something isn’t a disservice, it’s fact?
  • Okay, that last one’s not actually a question?
  • Am I sooooooooooo selfish?
  • Are all the “o”‘s necessary?

This person totally reminds me of my new favorite MTV show, “16 and Pregnant”. I can’t explain why I like it so much. It doesn’t even make me laugh (that much). Most of it’s actually really tragic.

I think it’s because we all secretly want to know what it would’ve been like to get pregnant at 16, it’s just that none of us were stupid enough to try it when we were 16, except for some notable exceptions, who are now the stars of this genius show.

If only those girls were more like this one! (Skip to 2:26 for the good part!)

Okay, enough about abortion! Let’s talk about Britney Spears’ vagina!



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