J+E<3 Presents…The 2009 "S" Word Summer Season!

J+E<3 Corporations is excited about the launch of their new Production company, and to celebrate, they will be producing three musicals  over the 2009 Summer Season right here in Scripps Ranch!



She’s back…and she’s still angry! This “sublimely trashy” yet unexpectedly inspiring rock odyssey returns from J+E<3’s production in May. We’ve got a new band, new costumes, and a new attitude, so even if you saw the last show, you’ll want to come again.

The show takes place at one of glam-rocker Hedwig’s concerts, and between songs backed by her band The Angry Inch, she tells the story of her life through stand-up comedy and monologue. Born Hansel in East Germany the year the Berlin wall was erected, he eventually meets an American G.I. who promises to take him over the wall and into the U.S. But that will require a marriage certificate, and therefore, a  full, physical examination. Hansel (now Hedwig) agrees to the sex-change operation, which is tragically botched, leaving her with just and “angry inch”. The G.I. soon abandons Hedwig alone in a trailer park in Kansas, where she soon meets and falls in love with a seventeen year old, pock-marked, four-eyed, Dungeons and Dragons obsessed, Jesus freak with a fish on his truck. He becomes her rock-n-roll protégé, who steals her songs and becomes successful on his own. Hedwig deals with the themes of isolation, love, identity and acceptance with humor and loud rock n’ roll. (Contains naughty words, blowjob jokes and “mature themes”.)

BYE BYE BRITNEY July 31, August 1,2


A (sort of) original musical written by Josh and Elaine. Based on the musical Bye Bye Birdie, and inspired by the life of the legendary Miss Britney Spears and featuring her music.

Internationally loved pop-icon Lucky is finally being forced to go to rehab. Her manager and boyfriend, K-Fed, is distressed, seeing how he is only using Lucky to get enough money for him and his other girlfriend, Shar, to move to the Bahanas. But Shar comes up with one last money-making scheme before Lucky goes: to promote her new single, “If U Seek Amy”, Lucky will debut her song and “If U Seek A-” one fortunate fan on live television! Papi Malone of conservative Scripps Ranch is selected, but all the phones are tied up as the whole town is engaged in “Phonography”! Once Papi learns of the good news, and Lucky arrives in town, Scripps Ranch is set abuzz…but her new boyfriend, Danja, is jealous. What’s a girl to do?? Bye Bye Britney is a satire of modern values, Scripps Ranch, and fame. All set to some of the greatest pop songs of all time! (Contains naughty words, sexual innuendo, and “mature themes”.)



Josh and Elaine’s second “original” musical in which they look back on their time together and say goodbye to each other, and to their friends.

The eve before they depart to their separate colleges, best friends Josh and Elaine sit down together at their favorite restaurant, Santana’s Mexican Grill, to reminisce about high school and ponder what the future will bring. Re-written songs come from Josh and Elaine’s favorite musicals and artists including: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, REPO! The Genetic Opera, CATS, Elton John, Britney Spears and more. A must see for anyone who’s ever been friends with Josh and Elaine, and to everyone who is facing the unknown adventure of going to college next year all malone. (Contains naughty words).

More information, such as cast lists, location, times and promo photos and more about each production will now be appearing in the “Summer Musical” tab at the top of this blog. Keep checking there for more info!!


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