Summer Reading

I used to read all the time. In fourth grade me and only one other boy got to read The Chronicles of Narnia series while all the other kids had to read baby books because they were stupid.

In six grade I went through all of Peter Benchley’s graphic novels (and I don’t mean “graphic” as in comic books, I mean as in explicit violence, sex and cursing (which, in retrospect probably says a lot about me today, but I’m using this an an example of how much I used to read)).

In seventh grade I was all about the classics and read East of Eden and read and re-read The Red Pony.

In eighth grade I could only be bothered to do the required reading.

But once I got to high school…what was the point? The most I ever read at one time was an issue of CosmoGIRL! and sometimes even that had too many words. I think the only books that I read for pleasure throughout my high school career were Augusten Burroughs’ memoirs (albeit repeatedly. I think I’ve read them each three times). But intelectually, they’re not much of a stretch. And obviously, the required reading was way beyond anything I was willing to do.

But I’ve decided this summer that it’s time to start reading again. To quote the song that we were forced to learn in elementary school, “Reading is fun, and fundamental!”

So today I sat down with a book and ended up reading about 130 pages at once. And it felt pretty good. Granted, the book was Diablo Cody’s memoir about her life as a stripper, but still. It’s a bound set of typed pages which contain many words which form sentences. A bonafide book.

My original goal was to read three books this summer, one a month. But now that I’ve leanred that reading is fun (and fundamental!) I’m ready to read more.

Who wants to join my book club? So far I’ve got picked out Perfume: Story of Murderer (in hopes that the book is better than the already mind-blowing film), and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (to prepare for my life in Savannah, Georgia).

But before I get to the books with a slight amount of literally merit, I have to find out if Diablo will return to the classier strip bar, or if she’ll stay at the sleazier one, and if she’ll stay with Jonny. I still have a hundred pages left. I’ll finish it tomorrow.


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