Goodbye Wicked Little Town

Today was graduation rehearsal, and therfore marked the last time that is is necessary for me to be on the Scripps Ranch High School campus.

It’s very surreal to be coming to the end of these four years, and I wish I could say that is was absolute Hell, but to be honest…it wasn’t really. I wasn’t tortured, I didn’t have any issues with grades and for the most part, everything was pretty mellow with no big upsets or drama. Well, maybe a little drama. But not enough to make me jump off the second story or anything.

To sum up high school, it was pretty uneventful. I’ve heard too many times that “high school is the best four years of your life” but I know for a fact that that’s not true.

Senior year was obviously the best, though. I wish that I had the friends that I have now all through high school. And I wish that I hadn’t wasted time with people who I didn’t really like, or shoudn’t have really liked. I finally found a group of people (and a group! Not just Josh!) that I totally love being with…and now it’s time to leave. But I guess that that’s what the end of high school is about, too. Getting ready to be independent.

It’s hard to say if I’ll ever be close to the people again. We’re all going to such different places…New York, Savannah, Boston, Los Angeles, D.C….the list goes on and on. But I really hope that we’ll be able to keep in touch and at least check in with each other about what’s going on and visit when we can. To be honest, I’m pretty muhfuckin scared to move to Savannah, Georgia all myself. But at the same time, I feel ready. Because Scripps Ranch ain’t the spot. And I’m ready to go on to bigger and better things.

Goodbye, Scripps Ranch High School. Thanks for…thanks for what? Thanks for giving me the chance to meet some good people. Thanks for the diploma. And thanks for being over.



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