April 19th, 2009: Part I

April 19th, 2009 was a day of epic proportions. For this was the day that Josh and I finally got to see the legendary Miss Britney Spears in concert.

It was an all day adventure with it’s high and low points, and I will carefully document it in three parts. We recorded a video, too, so we’ll add that later.

The story actually starts the night before, when Josh called me and said that his mommy wasn’t okay with him driving us the short two hours to Anaheim. She suggested that she drive us. This was a problem for two reasons 1) it’s totally LAME and 2) we were secretly planning on going to Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors at the LA Convention Center to see Darren Lynn Bousman, Bill Mosley, Oghr and Terrance Zdunich of our new favorite movie REPO! The Genetic Opera before going to the concert.

Josh was able to convince his mom to let us take the train up, and then she would meet us in Anaheim and take us home after the concert. He had an online French class in the morning, so we had to wait to take the 12:34 train to LA, which would get there at 2:40 and give us plenty of time to get to the 3:15 REPO! panel. Right? Wrong.

Us happy on the train before we leanred of the conflict ahead.

Us happy on the train before we leanred of the conflict ahead.

The muhfuckin train had some kind of problem, and at 2:40 we were stranded somewhere between Anaheim and Fullerton. We didn’t get to LA until 3:30, and then we had to get a taxi over the the Convention Center. After spending 25 dollars on Fangoria tickets, we saw the last ten minutes of the REPO! panel. They were going to sign autographs afterwards, but we stupidly wandered to the exhibitors hall to wait for them when in reality, they were, of course, actually just signing in the same room as the panel. By the time we figured that out, the line was too long and we didn’t have enough time to wait before making the 5:10 train back to Anaheim.

I should also mention that as we were heading back to the original room, we awkwardly passed Bill Mosley who was walking to his next event. He may or may not have heard me singing “Chase the Morning”, and definitely saw us staring as him.

So that was kind of dissapointing. But at least we got to be the same room as Terrance and his voice for ten minutes.

Darran, Terrance, Bill, Oghr. (Why does Terrance glow like that?)

Darren, Terrance, Bill, Oghr. (Why does Terrance glow like that?)

Glowing Terrance, Drinking Bill and Ohgr

Glowing Terrance, Drinking Bill and Ohgr

Stay tuned folks, you don’t want to move folks, cause there’s more excitement coming! In the next post, you will read about, our trip to see Britney!


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