On Turning 18

On my 18th birthday, which was April 8th, I spent two hours sitting quietly by myself in Josh’s dad’s office. Why? Because it was all a part of our plan to throw the world’s first ever Reverse Surprise Party! Josh’s called up some peeps and told them that my family and I had decided to go to Disneyland for my birthday and so he wanted to make me a surprise birthday video and needed their help. (Really, this should have been their first clue that something was up. Josh would never do something so nice on his own volition.) Anyways, the people gathered and I waited. Because some people were late, I had to wait an extra hour. It was okay, I needed the time to work on sewing costumes for Hedwig (sewing, by the way, is our new hobby. We’re basically sweat shop workers now). So they filmed scenes for their little movie, but when they sat down to watch it, I came on the TV instead, said, “Surprise, bitches,” and then walked out from the office. Reverse Surprise!

We ate pizza, sang to Elton John, chatted, watched a movie and danced to Brit. It was a nice little party.

Of course, it was dissapointing when we discovered that it was not the world’s first Reverse Surprise party. The first was done by a man called Jesus Christ of Nazareth. See, after he was crucified and buried his body dissapeared, and then he came back again a few months later. Reverse Suprise!

But it’s okay, I’m happy with having the second one.

As for being 18…I don’t feel any different. I don’t have any pierecings or tattoos yet, but that’s really just because I lack a government issued photo ID, which I’m working on.

I don’t really feel like a grown-up yet. But I’m thinking that moving out of the house and doing my own laundry in a few months will help.


1 Response to “On Turning 18”

  1. 1 Emily April 12, 2009 at 1:21 am

    It sort of helps, but not really. I’m glad I’m not a grown-up, though–being a grown-up is scary!

    Happy birthday!

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