The Best Show on Television

What’s the best show on television you ask? It’s certianly not The L Word. Give up? RuPaul’s Drag Race!


This reality competition puts nine drag queens up against each to see who can come up on top and get some pretty amazing prizes:  a Paper magazine spread, a headling spot in the Absolut Pride tour, a campaign with L.A. Eyeworks and $25,000! Not bad.

But the thing I love most about this show is that it’s equal parts bitchy, campy, fabulous fun as well as satire of other reality shows. As the girls sit in a workroom very reminiscent of a popular fashion reality show, you almost wait for Tim Gunn to walk in. But instead RuPaul herself enters in a pinstripe suit and black-framed glasses (she’s looking much, much better, by the way, than she did as a guest star on the aforementioned reality show).

But even Tim Gunn’s “make it work!” can hold a candle to Ru’s new catch phrase, “And remember…don’t fuck it up.”

To talk about the contestants themselves, I’m rooting for Nina Flowers. She does a different kind of drag that’s a little punk and a little crazy, but I love it. She’s a great showgirl and a great performer. I loved Tammie Brown too, but it’s obvious that she didn’t want to be here given her pathetic attempt to redeem herself in the “lipsync for your life” portion of the show.

“But Elaine, I don’t have Logo!”

“Elaine! I can’t stay up until 11PM!”

Well, quit your complaining because you can watch complete episodes online! Thanks Logo and WOW Entertainment! Tell James St. James that I say hi!

Oh, and the best part of the show? RuPaul’s final words to the two bottom contestants. One is chosen to stay, and one has to go home. Here was Monday’s verdict:

“Akasha, shante. You stay.

Tammie Brown. Sashay…away.”

Pure genius.


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