2,008 Great Things About 2008!

Just kidding! I don’t think that I could think of 2,008 things, let alone count that high. Here’s ten of my favorite pop culture related moments of 2008:

1) The Miley Cyrus pictures. No, I’m not talking about that “controversial” Annie Leibovitz cover shoot, I mean the pictures that were somehow leaked. The ones where she’s lifting up her shirt to reveal a neon green bra or curled in her undies on Hello Kitty sheets. I just love it all. Here’s this little Southern role model who’s finally a good-girl for future good-girls to look up to, and then this! It makes me like her badass so much more. I just swooned when she started dating the twenty year old underwear model. You go, girl! Don’t hide behind the mouse, be your skanky self!

2) Diablo Cody winning Best Original Sceenplay at the Oscars. Makes me weep with pride, and to be honest, jealousy. And I just adore her for showing up to the OSCARS like this:


3) Ellen and Portia 4eva ❤

4) That in July there was a big deal made in a small Delaware town about John Waters being invited to speak at a community festival. I hope that I can still offend people when I’m in my 60s, too.

5) Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy.

6) Lindsay and Samantha ❤

7)  Beverley Hills Chihuahua.

8 ) The Australian television series Summer Heights High and Chris Lilley. (Thanks, HBO, for letting us stupid Americans see some quality television!)

9) There will be no 2008 countdown list without mention of Heath. But genuinely, I think this would be a favorite pop culture moment even if things had turned out different.

10) And of course…


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