Elaine and Josh’s 2008 Retrospective

Tired of Christmas posts? Can’t handle any more holidays? Well that’s just to bad, babies, because it’s time for New Years! And do you know what that means? Countdowns, lists, and retrospectives galore! And here at Bosh with Elaine and Josh we’re no different! So strap yourselves in because I’m about to show you 2008 through the eyes of Elaine and Josh. All the events and news that happened to us or that we participated in (or at least everything that I could find mention of in the archives of my Yahoo! mail inbox).


  • 1/2: We are busy at work on our musical extravaganza Thyme Pimsa. A touching film which is the story of a small town seriously affected by global warming, corrupted scientists and religion. It was dropped shortly hereafter, but the screenplay we wrote is actually pretty good!
  • 1/4: We worry about Britney’s crazy nights where she refused to return baby Jayden James to K-Fed.
  • 1/13: Josh watches the Internet phenomenon known as “2 Girls 1 Cup”. Elaine refuses.
  • 1/22: We mourn Heath Ledger’s death.


  • 2/10: Josh gets his lunch stolen from his backpack and sends an email about it entitled “People Suck”.
  • 2/16: Elaine goes to Georgia to visit SCAD.
  • 2/23: We try to learn guitar from a “How to Play Guitar for Dummies ” DVD. We give up.


  • 3/6: Elaine gets the brilliant idea to start an Elton John tribute band called E+J<3 (get it?! Elton John…Elaine, Josh…)
  • 3/16: We turn our lives over to The Secret and preach it’s wonders to a room of our uninterested peers.
  • 3/21: We become obsessed with the art of crochet and go to our favorite store, Yardage Town, for supplies.


  • 4/8: Elaine turns 17. No one notices.
  • 4/9: The Riches second (and last) season airs!
  • 4/12: Josh sends an email called “RIP Josh” because he is worried about APs. What a baby.
  • 4/19: We volunteer at the Earth Fair and learn about the joys of God and abortion.
  • 4/20: Tim Curry turns 62.
  • 4/27: We see John Landis LIVE at the LA Festival of Books. Oh yeah, Tim Curry was there, too.
  • 4/30: Elaine starts work at the movie theatre.


  • 5/7: Josh sends Elaine an invite to the Facebook group “Has anyone seen Tim Curry’s tambourine??”
  • 5/15: California deems it unconstitutional to outlaw gay marriage.
  • 5/17: We become obsessed with Perfume: Story of  a Murder and the scent of damp wood.
  • 5/25: We make a wee boo-boo.
  • 5/25: We get over it.


  • 6/8: We see CATS!
  • 6/15: Goodbye Junior year!
  • 6/20: We see Sweeney Todd starring Tod Slaughter.


  • 7/4: Josh signs us for the Marine Corps mailing list and we get free t-shirts.
  • 7/7: We taste the swet fruits of Santana’s Mexican Grill for the first time and meet Maria.
  • 7/8: We eat at SMG again.
  • 7/11: A day of crafting.
  • 7/19: Josh goes to San Diego Pride without Elaine.
  • 7/24: Britney Spears is seen back to her sexy self on her Mexican vacation due to our use of The Secret.
  • 7/31: Tim McClean gets his head cut off on a Greayhound bus through Canada. We never stop talking about it.


  • 8/13: We come up with the wonderful, awful idea for BBB3.
  • 8/16: We throw our first pary as J+E<3
  • 8/31: We see “Spring Awakening”. I don’t know if this is really that significant. I also don’t know the propor punctuation for play titles.


  • 9/2: Senior year starts.
  • 9/5: We see I Know Who Killed Me. “That’s life, people get cut” becomes our new favorite thing to say.
  • 9/7: Elaine finds out about Emerson College.
  • 9/13-14: Great Gatsby extravaganza.
  • 9/17: Josh finally turns 17. We find out the date of the “Circus” release.


  • 10/4: We skip Homecoming and watch Suspiria instead.
  • 10/7: “Womanizer” goes on sale on iTunes.
  • 10/31: For Halloween we go to see The Haunting of Molly Hartley starring Didi from The Riches! We accidnetly steal a “Yes on 8” sign.


  • 11/2: We get political and do battle with my homophobic neighbor by parking in front of their house with a car covered in “No on 8” posters.
  • 11/4: We stand in front of a polling place with our “No on 8” sign.
  • 11/4: Barack Obama gets elected.
  • 11/5: We all know how the whole Prop 8 thing turned out. It wasn’t our fault. We did our part.
  • 11/10: We put posters for “Circus” around the shopping center.
  • 11/26: We create the hit YouTube vidoe “I Am…Britney Spears Fan”


  • 12/2: Merry Britmas! “Circus” is released. We hand out Britmas cards.
  • 12/2: We buy our 16th row tickets for THE CIRCUS: STARRING BRITNEY SPEARS.
  • 12/8: The Chocolate Mart feed is disabled.
  • 12/11: We learn about the world of Western Mysticism.
  • 12/25: Lord Jesus celebrates the big 2008.
  • 12/26: Josh jets to Mexico for his sister’s wedding.

And well…that’s pretty much all the events that are relevant to us in 2008!

We’ll muse more on this past year in the coming days.


2 Responses to “Elaine and Josh’s 2008 Retrospective”

  1. 1 jepartyservice January 1, 2009 at 11:12 am

    Wow, this retrospective was really cool! I can’t believe some of this stuff was only a year ago!

  2. 2 jepartyservice January 1, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    I know, I feel like I’ve known about The Secret for my whole life!

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