X Marks Our Spot (with a comment)

We recently received this comment from X on our opinion blog on the Jonas Brothers from months ago:

Ahem. Please get off your fucking high horse. You are both just bunch of pretentious ass holes who like to put down others in order to make yourselves feel superior. I’m not even saying that I like the Jonas Brothers, but you need get over yourselves.
Miss Elaine – how can you possibly hate someone based on the fact that they would like to wait until marriage to have sex? How is that gross? By the way you two talk, you are surely not engaging in any sort of mature sexual activity – unless it is with each other. As for their looks, haven’t you heard that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. You both would be lucky to find someone who though that your self-righteous ways were attractive EVER.
And Mr. Josh. Nobody is comparing them to the Beatles based on music. It is simply a reference to the large fan-base that they have acquired so quickly.

You two elitist bastards need to have a reality check – you are not being original or clever. You are just two sad teenagers looking to appear “mature”, while in fact your behavior exhibits a sad wanting to be “hip.”

P.S. Don’t worry, surely you would redeem yourself by remarking to this comment with your own original idea that is sarcasm. I’ve never heard of anything quite like it before!

From Opinions: The Jonas Brothers, 2008/12/04 at 2:59 AM

My first response to this was:  how could X even suggest that I’m engaging in mature sexual activity? And with Elaine… now that’s grosser than a purity ring. And I really don’t think I try to be hip… or mature. In fact, just yesterday I was handing out Britmas cards to all my friends (an activity that is neither hip, nor mature but very fun). And have you seen our youtube video?? (I suggest that you do.) Definitely not hip. Definitely not mature.

On another serious note, X, you thoroughly succeeded in hurting my feelings. You did call me several bad names like “ass hole”, “bastard”, and “Mr. Josh” so I have every right to be hurt. I only put down the Jonas Brothers but I didn’t put down JoBro fans (unless you can somehow pull a quote that says, “JoBro fans are stupid” but I doubt it’s there). I have friends who are JoBro fans and we get along in relative harmony… except when they insult Brit. Now that’s crossing the line.

If I got over myself and got off my “fucking high horse” this wouldn’t really be Bosh anymore would it? This blog is here to showcase Elaine and I’s opinions (and promote Britney Spears) so if I didn’t talk about what I think, what else would I talk about? And now, I will not blatantly say that my opinions don’t matter, because frankly, I do believe they matter and if that makes me pretentious, then COOL!

Doesn’t everyone think they are better than other people? It’s really just human nature. Sorry I’m not Mother Teresa, but I’m sure she has a blog somewhere on the internet!

To prove that we are pretentious, here is a blog poll!

And X, thanks for anticipating that I (and only I because you really scared Elaine) would respond to your comment with sarcasm and original ideas. I guess that makes me predictable huh? And so you don’t have to guess, I can assure you, the next thing I write will contain the words “Britney” and “Spears”. At least twice.

Thank you X for being honest and for reading this blog. It makes me feel mature and hip knowing that people actually read this and have reactions strong enough to write a very long comment about it!

I wish you all the best,


P.S. Another thank you to all the readers out there who DON’T completely despise us!

P.P.S. In essence, the Jonas Brothers are better than me because they have more $$$ in da bank and their youtube videos have more views than ours.

P.P.P.S. I’ve never had someone insult me like this to my face! Praise Jesus for the internet!


3 Responses to “X Marks Our Spot (with a comment)”

  1. 1 Objenia December 8, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    Привет, я думала что это совсем не так происходит:)

    Мой блог: http://simvoly-vyshivki.blog.ru/

    • 2 jepartyservice December 8, 2008 at 10:56 pm

      Спасибо! Вы ненавидеть Jonas Brothers тоже?

      I don’t really speak or write Russian, so thanks to Google translator for the inaccurate, yet understandable, translations!

  2. 3 hartknight December 15, 2008 at 4:39 am

    This is highly silly. But it made me laugh a good deal. Bravo Josh.

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