Are You There, Ilene Chaiken? It’s Me, Elaine.

Dear Ilene Chaiken,

What’s going on? I feel that as a loyal fan of The L Word I’ve put up with a lot. Bizarre story lines, huge leaps of faith, and sudden complete character changes, but this is almost too much.


At first sight, I thought this poster was a little over the top, but fine. I’m glad to see Alice and Tasha together, and of course, Tina and Better. Oh, hi, Helena! Glad to have you back!

And then…

What is going on in the lower left corner. Is that Jenny? Who would want to lick Je — HOLY SHIT! IS THAT SHANE??

Ilene, I have to tell you right now: if Jenny and Shane get together, I’m done. In fact, it’s been hard enough to get through five seasons of Jenny Schecter, and now this?

If I remember correctly, the last episode of season five has Jenny telling Shane, “You’ve broken my heart”, after finding her with…what was that actress’ name that Jenny was in love with? I don’t want to think about “Lez Girls”. Which might be the worst thing ever to happen in The L Word‘s history. Wait, maybe the worst thing was Adele? Or maybe when Jenny got Sounder dog because she was in love with the veterinarian.(There’s a lot of choose from).

I wish that Jenny and Sounder had just sailed off that night that were on the little raft together at the end of season four.

Is Jenny Schecter anyone’s favorite character?

Is she even remotely bearable to anyone?

In conclusion, Ilene, please, please, please don’t let Jenny and Shane get together in season six. Please let this licking thing just be for a provocative poster (even though they clearly have put couples together).

Yours truly,


PS Ilene, I will write again later about these truly disturbing rumors about the Alice spin-off.


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