The Boy Wizard Who Fell to Earth

I am so excited about these pictures of Daniel Radcliffe that were in the October issue of Details:



Everybody must know that these pictures are modeled after one of the greatest films ever made: The Man Who Fell to Earth.

What? You’ve never heard of The Man Who Fell to Earth? Well, ladies and gentlemen, you are truly missing something special.

It is an adaption of a sci-fi novel that tells the story of Thomas J. Newton, an alien, who comes to Earth in search of water for his dying planet. However, he falls to the corruption of the American ways and fails to return home.

Oh yeah. It also stars David Bowie.

It’s very unique, indeed, and is quite the experience to watch.

After being exposed to this movie, you will forever have a new vocabulary of references that include: ” the indoor ping-pong room”, “throwing off the wig and up the cookies”, “wet alien sex”, “get out of my mind, all of you”, and most importantly and most memorably: “the gun scene” (which truly is the greatest scene in all of cinema).

I am dying to talk to Harry Potter about The Man Who Fell to Earth. I’m imagining that it’s the reason that he wanted to become and actor and that he’s seen it a million times.

For comparison’s sake, here the pictures of David Bowie in the movie:




2 Responses to “The Boy Wizard Who Fell to Earth”

  1. 1 chase June 20, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    This is truly one of the best movies ever and Its so serial knowing that Daniel also loves it. Especially because it is more on the cult classic side.

  2. 2 Brian Cartwright April 16, 2017 at 9:08 am

    Watch LEGION if you like a good set of MWFTE references.

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