Dinner Conversations with the Lins

When I was kid, I would scare my parents by building couch-cushin towers, sitting on top of them and toppling over. As fun as that was, that got pretty old. So I tried exerting negative, angry auras around them, but I soon found out that didn’t scare them at all.

Nowadays, all I have to do to scare my parents is tell them my interests.

With college apps underway, my parents keep on nagging so I’ve become especially interested in pissing them off. To do this, I simply tell them that I want to be one of four things (depending on my mood and the circumstance):

  1. French translator/interpreter
  2. A playwright/screenplay writer
  3. A singer of the back-up vocal variety
  4. An architect (the least severe of the four)

My parents seem okay with architect, but they are always suggesting the words “mechanical” and “engineer”.

Today I felt like really pissing my parents off so I brought up singing opera. When I tried to explain that I should get the chance to pursue what I want for the experience, my mom popped out this gem:

“Your dad and I have eaten more salt than you’ve eaten rice.”

I know they sound like concerned and loving parents, but they’re really just scared that I’ll end up being a hobo.

But whatever, I’m going to do/study what I want and according to FERPA I don’t technically have to tell them anything about the classes I’m taking et..


I can’t live with these people much longer. Don’t they realize that the more they tell me to be an engineer, the more I DON’T want to be one?

And they’re voting Yes on 8! How could it get any worse?


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