Christmas Came Early!

Dear God,

Thank You for showing me that the gifts You’ve placed in my life aren’t for me at all – they are intended to bring glory to You. Now that I know the truth, I don’t hold back. I work to identify and develop every single gift, and when someone asks me about them –



I didn’t notice you there.

I was just praying to God Almighty and thanking Him for the gift I received today from my good friend Josh, Anytime Prayers for Everyday Teens.

Obviously anyone would think of me when they saw this book. And it truly is special.

It’s a collection of many prayers for a busy teenager, like me, who needs to quickly reach out to Lord God. Here are some of the prayers included in the book:

  • When I need help paying my bills
  • When I’m having trouble with my boyfriend
  • When I don’t want to go to church
  • When I’m concerned about dating
  • When I’m being harassed by enemies
  • When I’m facing a big exam
  • When my grades are slipping
  • When I need a job
  • When my parents don’t understand me
  • When I’m trying to balance a busy schedule
  • When I can’t sleep
  • When I’ve been involved with gossip
  • When my friend or family member is dealing with infertility
  • And lots more!

Obviously, I’ll be carrying this book with my everywhere I go, just incase a need a quick work with Him throughout the day.

And I’ll also share some of the beautiful words in this blog now and again.

Thanks, Josh! These words will truly bring meaning to my life.

And look forward to tomorrow’s post, where we will be participating in this:


1 Response to “Christmas Came Early!”

  1. 1 echomikeromeo October 28, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    Oh crap, I need to remember to do that tomorrow. Remind me plz?

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