“Adventures in Wonderland”, or “Elaine is a Girl Scout”.

Elaine is away at Girl Scout adventure camp this weekend so she won’t be able to blog for your pleasure.

So I thought I’d be a real friend and blog this whole weekend for her! It’s almost scary that I’m able to do this and be nearly 80% correct with my event facts.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Diary,

This morning I woke up at 6AM to go to Girl Scout adventure camp. I’m so excited! Mainly I’m excited because I won’t have to deal with my bitchy sister, Meredith, all week! Yay!

It is 6 in the morning though. But I bet Britney gets up at 6 in the morning. How else would she get abs like that? Damn. I wish my workout video (that Josh embarrassingly saw hiding in my drawer) would give me abs like Britney’s. She’s so fine.

The drive up was kind of awkward. I just wish I could rock out to “Womanizer” or “I’ll Love You ‘Till Tuesday”. But I don’t want her to think I’m a freak. What ever would I do if someone thought I was weird? I think that would corrupt my rigid moral values.

Josh better remember to sign me up for the Harvard presentation. I have a strange feeling he forgot. Honestly, the only thing stopping me from going to college is his lazy ass. I’m basically applying to college for him.

If I don’t get into Harvard, I’ll know who to blame.

We just played the license plate game. I saw a plate from Montana. Who the hell lives in Montana?

Your Best Friend,

Elaine Rose Gray ❤ Tim Curry!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dear Diary,

Today I saw a boy. And I wonder if he looked at me, he took my breath away.

Sorry Diary, I just had to do that. I miss Britney so much!

This morning me and the gals went kayaking which I surprisingly had a fun time doing despite my general dislike for physical activity and water. Josh tried calling me this morning– I don’t know why. It was probably something really cool and then when I get back to him he won’t remember. So typical.

Tim Curry. Tim Curry. TC.

Elaine Rose Gray Curry. Elaine Curry. Mrs. Elaine Rose Gray-Curry.

Mr. Elaine Curry is Tim Curry.

I love you. Even if you are the voice of an obese cat.

You’re a Womanizer Tim Curry.

Thanks Diary,

Elaine Rose Gray-Curry


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