My Weekend

Besides for the Womanizer premier, it wasn’t very exciting.

I went to the zoo with my mommy and daddy on Saturday. No present sister meant no fighting or anger, which actually resulted in a nice afternoon. I saw an iguana sneeze. That was pretty exciting.

And today I stayed in my pajamas all day, never left the house, and filled out applications and wrote essays all day.

I guess the new chapter of this blog will be “Elaine and Josh Go To College”.

Here’s where I’m applying , in amphibolical order:

Emerson College

College of Santa Fe

Columbia College of Hollywood

Savannah College of Art and Design


CSU Fullerton

I feel stressed.

Well my weekend, besides the Womanizer video premier, was also very unexciting. I spent 12 hours at an MUN Conference and came out with a fancy piece of paper (that I’m very of proud of actually). I’m just a little pissed because there was a bitch from Huntington Beach that pushed me out of the formal caucus.

For you non-MUNerds, it doesn’t matter. Just understand that she was a big bitch and stole valuable points from me.

As for colleges, high school is intent on making everything so difficult– why do I have so much homework? Shouldn’t I be given some time to just work on my apps? Doing apps is even kind of fun! I just don’t have time! I officially blame all my procrastination problems on school. And Facebook. And Britney Spears.

Recently I decided (for the second time) that I would for SURE do an architecture portfolio but as the days tick by and get closer and closer to the deadline, that dream is slowly dying. It’s really too bad.

College list in amphibolical order:





Washington U in St. Louis

UC Berkeley (I can’t even fucking spell it!)




The only good things in my life right now are Womanizer and eating out at lunch during 4th period Poli Sci.

Please Jesus, just let it be December 2nd already!


1 Response to “My Weekend”

  1. 1 echomikeromeo October 19, 2008 at 1:20 am

    Josh, 4th period poli sci was basically the only thing that got me through senior year. Appreciate it.

    BTW, you are applying to Princeton. No question mark there. It’s the price you have to pay for my college counseling.

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