Yes on Prop 8?!

Now, I understand you love Jesus and everything, but Prop 8? What are you? From the stone age?

If live in California and you interact often with the LGBT community (or in my case, have a friend who is obsessed with the LGBT community) then you must have heard about Prop 8 before. Basically the Proposition wants to add to the California Constitution that “marriage is only between a man and a woman”.

I was really confused why anyone would ever vote yes on Prop 8. Who on earth would want to deny rights to fellow neighbors? Who on earth would ever deny two people the right to be a family?

But then I saw this ad. And suddenly I was enlightened:

I was enlightened; I realized– supporters of Prop 8 are just stupid cunts! Otherwise they wouldn’t believe this bullshit!

That’s right. I went there. I used the c-word.

Personally, I’m not familiar with the fairy tale “King & King” and I must have been absent the day of 2nd grade when they told me that princes could marry princes. I also must have been absent the day when the fact that princes could marry princes destroyed everybody’s psyches.

So then I started looking for more reasons to support Prop 8 and I was told that a marriage should be between a man and a woman because it was the way “nature” wanted it to be. Men and women are “meant to procreate” and thus a marriage where no procreation takes place is not valid.

Thanks for demeaning the human race as procreating creatures. Since when has marriage been solely a means for having children? What happened to marrying for love?

Really, I only care because Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian and I’m really looking forward to a wedding invitation. I also just really hate people who would work so hard to deny other people’s happiness.

Let’s face it, if your kid doesn’t learn about homosexuality from school, who will they learn it from? Wouldn’t you prefer for your kid to learn about it in a safe environment?

Why do you want your kid to be a cunt like you?


2 Responses to “Yes on Prop 8?!”

  1. 1 jepartyservice October 9, 2008 at 5:10 am

    First of all, nubface, Ellen and Portia got married over the summer. Remember my post about it?

    I wish that I could have heard what that mother said to her daughter.

    And it’s kind of disturbing that anyone would think that it’s a good idea to spend millions and millions of dollars on this shit than the other things that that money could go towards. Especially right now.

    I thought California was the liberal, hip state?

    If people so against prince/prince relationships, can’t they just move to Alabama or something?

    It’s just so gross.

    So our 18 year old brothers and sisters: go out there to vote no!!

  2. 2 echomikeromeo October 9, 2008 at 5:17 am

    I actually clicked on the post in order to point out what Elaine did about Ellen and Portia, but on a more serious note, the problem is that the polls are showing that it’s likely to pass. It’s pretty worrisome.

    I think the clue is in the wording of the proposition: “Eliminates the rights of same-sex couples to marry.” The American dream and all that shit is about granting rights, not taking them away. I don’t see how anyone could support deliberate disenfranchisement like that.

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