Goodbye Yellow Brick Summer

I know that the title “Goodbye Yellow Brick Summer” makes zero sense, but I’m losing my sanity in the last few hours of summer.

I spend most of the summer making popcorn for fat people and then cleaning their trash as the movie theatre, but I guess it was okay, too. I saw four seasons of The L Word, and some other good movies, courtesy of Netflix.

I also saw Eddie Izzard. That was pretty much a highlight.

But I think that my favorite parts of the summer might have been driving around the ranch, blasting the Cats, Britney Spears or (of course) Elton John albums and singing along. Then going to the finest eatery in San Diego, Santana’s Mexican Grill and writing bizarre stories about Tim Curry and setting the record for sitting in there the longest.

So goodbye, (yellow brick) summer. Until we meet again.




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