Movie Review: “Hip Hop Kidz: It’s a Beautiful Thing”

Let me set the scene for the way this movie was viewed:

Around five o’clock PM Josh calls me and asks if I have plans for dinner. Naturally, I don’t. He says that his sister is having a dinner party, do I want to come? She told him to invite “everyone he knows”, so her friends will be there too and it will be like a proper dinner party. I get there early so that Josh and I can talk about our new favorite obsession (the film Showgirls). Dinner is served, but the only guests are me, Josh, Josh’s sister and Josh’s sister’s boyfriend who is staying at the house. She explained that all her friends were going to a party so that no one could come, and when she told Josh to invite all his friends she knew that it would only be me. So the four of us enjoyed a lovely dinner.

After dinner, we tried to learn the Goddess dance in Showgirls, rather unsuccessfully, then Josh remembered his newest rental from Netflix, Hip Hop Kidz: It’s a Beautiful Thing”. We heard about this DVD, and the dance troupe it’s about (the Hip Hop Kidz) when one of our friends got into some legal trouble with the creator (true story!)

So around ten o’clock we popped this hour long film in and were amazed by what we saw. The Hip Hop Kidz is (as shown in the flim) a group of about a hundred inner-city kids, ranging in age from five to twenty, get together to sing and dance a little good natured hip hop. A rich girl, Alison, joins the group but (here comes the conflict!) her father doesn’t approve of her hip hoppin’ lifestyle. There is a contest going on for a record deal for the best music video, so the HHK must submit one. But they need Alison’s school to perform! Will she agree and risk her father finding out…or will she betray the HHK who she loves?!?!?!?!?

Obviously, this is a film made for children and tweens.

Our favorite parts:

The HHK some how got enough money together to make a CD (although they then stuggle tremendously to raise the $80 entry fee for the contest (although if every kid gave $10, they would have enough)) and when the packages arrive a youngish girl with big hair holds the CD and says, “Look! I’m a star!!!!!” We quickly nicknamed her Nomi, after Nomi Malone.

Alison’s creepy, creepy father. She is listening to her jammin’ hip hop in her room and he opens the door.

“Alison, what are you doing”

“Nothing, Dad!”

“I can hear  your nothing from down stairs!”

The kiss  between Alison and the love interest. She left her backpack behind and he ran after her to return it. As she runs back to take her backpack, both their faces become shadowed and the scene goes to slow-mo. Very strange, indeed.

And of course, the finale where the HHK were performing in Alison’s school, shooting their music video and all of a sudden, who bursts in the father. He stands at the control room and turns of all the lights and music. Alison steps up, spotlighted, and sings the beautiful theme song to the movie.

So all in all, if you have any preteens who are into rap or hip hop, but arn’t old enough for that evil stuff on the radio, why not introduce them the Hip Hop Kidz? And this DVD also features the choreography to the dances!!


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