Party Animals.

One of the things that Josh and I love to do most is amuse our friends and make them laugh. We’re known to go to great lengths to achieve this. And although we are often not very social and end up just chatting to each other in a corner somewhere; we do like a good party. Especially when we are the hosts.

The first party we threw was very last minute. We’re very fond of the Brits and were just talking about one of our fave, David Bowie’s, upcoming birthday. One of us said, “Wouldn’t it be funny to throw him a party?” Next thing we knew it turned into a combined party for David Bowie, Elton John, Eddie Izzard, Roger Daltrey and Richard O’brien. Invitations were handed out at school on Monday. We called it: The First Annual Brit Birthday Bash!

The main draw of the evening was a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for Richard O’brien’s bday (expect to hear a lot about RHPS from us!). We projected it onto a large screen and put together partici…pation kits for everyone. It was an excellent party and we were sundenly the talk of the town.

So for the Second Annual Brit Birthday Bash, it was Josh’s idea to celebrate Britney Spears’ 26th birthday! This was in the middle of her breakdown (you remember? Divorce, custody battle, head shaving, paparrazzo dating, car crashing, car attacking, head shaving, no underwear wearing, the VMA performance…). However, people forget that in the middle of this she dropped the album “Blackout”. Josh and I bought it and fell in love. From the first, “It’s Britney, bitch” to the end, it was sheer musical heaven (I swear this is without irony).

So at the party we let everyone on to thik that it was just a quite evening. We even played a Cranium boardgame where we changed all the things to relate to Brit. We even played Charades! But then…just when we arranged everyone perfectly in the living room and they were getting bored and confused…all the lights went out.

“Oh no!” Yelled Josh.
“What’s happening?????!” Screamed frantic party-goers.
“It’s a Blackout!” I said deviously.
“It’s Britney, bitch!” Said Britney, as she boomed over the iHome speakers. We threw out glow sticks and started the strobe light and Red Hot Laser Lightshow. The afterparty had begun and everyone danced for hours straight.

Obviously, these parties are extrememly hard to follow up. We did throw another, but it was a failure. We won’t talk about it.

Now it’s time for the Third Annual Brit Birthday Bash, but we are at a loss. What Brit should we use? Brittle bone disease? British Atlantic Territories? Britain’s Missing Top Model??

When we think of it, you’re all invited!

~ Elaine and Josh


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